Vacuum OCA lamination machine

Vacuum OCA lamination machine

5 in 1 OCA laminator machine

Min Order: 1


5 in 1 OCA laminator machine


The trending of LCD repairing 

What is the high profitable business in the last 2 years?

Stock? Lottery? Real estate? As a smartphone refurbishing machinery manufacturer, my good answer is LCD repairing. Report says over 75% of the world's population own mobile phones, the united states census bureau estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion until March,12th,2012, which means about 5.25 billion people will own mobile phones, if we assume only 1% smartphones suffer cracked, which means there has about 525 million smartphones will need refurbishing service.



How easy to refurbish a broken LCD?

The traditional way for repair your broken LCD was repalce a new screen, but this cost really too much. if you have a set of LCD repairing machine, you ignore the cost of repairing 

Fox example, the material cost for an iphone 6 LCD repairing is about 5$ (glass is about 2.5$, OCA glue is about 0.5$, Polarizer is about 0.7$, frame is about 1.5$), but a original iphone6 LCD screen price is about 100$.

If you have a laptop repair shop or smartphone repair shop, how can you miss this latest tools for making good money?


Why buy from OCAmaster?

We not only make and sell the machines, we also provide excellent customer service even after purchase. We want to make all the repair shops able to purchase the LCD repair machine. We have machines for individual repairing to factory mass repairing. Our machine's price range is from 500$ to 2000$ and perform LCD laminating according to different customer requirements. Not only do we have machines for flat LCD laminating such as iPhone, but also ones that do OLED laminating such as Samsung s6 edge and s7 edge (the bent glass). If you have any repair shops, you can join Ocamaster. There must be at least 1 machine to fulfill the requirement. If you are running resell a business, then you can join us. We can help you make another source of income by selling our Oca machines.

Don't be hesitate, join in OCAmaster today!!!



About OM-K5i

The OM-K5i is a multipurpose machine, which excels at laminating pre-aligned LCD's to glass; compressing and vacuuming out small air bubbles and blemishes. The OM-K5i has the latest technology allowing it to softly laminate a LCD without damaging it. This model was also designed to store up to 10 screens at a time in its 5 liter autoclave; saving a massive amount of time. This model also includes a 4.7 inch LCD with an easy to use touchable interface. This easy to grasp interface comes in four languages to help accommodate foreign users: English, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. With adjustable features such as temperature and pressure; it’s perfect for any newbie trying to advance in the LCD refurbishing industry.


Product Features:

  1. A soft lamiantion machine for all LCD.
  2. Fast lamination, only 40 senconds/LCD.
  3. Built-in vacuum pump & air compressor.
  4. Built-in air bubbles remover.
  5. 4.7 inches LCD controlling system.
  6. Easy for a fresh man, one button start.
  7. Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish.
  8. Repair all the smartphones smaller than 7 inches.
  9. 5 Liters autoclave debubbles 10pcs iphone6 at once.
  10. ±0.1C accuracy temperature controlling system.
  11. Soft lamination won't break the LCD.
  12. CE Certificate
  13. 12 months warranty and life lone service.




Model OM-K5i
Usage Cracked smartphone LCD repairing
Power input AC110V/220V Optional
Currents 7amps for 220V, 14amps for 110V
Vacuum ≤-0.985 Bar
Temperature 45 Centigrade degrees constant
Air compressor 0.45Mpa ≤Pressure≤0.65Mpa
Size 41*41*41.5 cm
Life time Over 10 years
Warranty 12 months
Net weight 45kg
Packing Strong carton box
 Color  Gray




  • OM-K5i OCA lamination machine                1pcs
  • Fix mould (for iphone and samsung)          10pcs
  • Air filter                                                        1pcs
  • Pressure reducer                                          1pcs
  • Power cable                                                 1pcs




  • General machine within 1-2 days;
  • Wholesales 3-7 days according different quantities;
  • Customization 7~10 days.




North America.

South America- Brazil, Mexico.

Most of the Europ countries.

East-south Asia countries.

I am from Colombia and work at Guangzhou, China, i sold about 25 sets machine to Colombia for OCAMASTER so far, all machines works very good.

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