Automatic Air bag soft OCA lamination machine

Automatic Air bag soft OCA lamination machine

Full automatic phone LCD repair machine

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Full automatic phone LCD repair machine




Why develop Air-bag lamination machine?

Air-bag vacuum OCA lamination machine is the 3rd generation, the 1st generation OCA lamination machine use mold to laminate LCD in a vacuum condition, the 1st generation machine cost was very expensive, it has a big size and need professional mold, and it only apply to the big factoty whom refurbish large quantity broken LCD.

The 2nd generation OCA lamination machine is hard to hard laminator, it does not need the special mold, it started the individual repairing shop's LCD repairing time since the cost is much lower than the 1st generation.

The 3rd generation OCA lamination machine is soft to hard laminator, it is another lamination way - air bag soft lamination, this kind of new machine has the performance of high security for both LCD and flex cable (many people got their flex cable damaged easily if they were careless when laminating), but now, game changed, this new machine OM-K5Edge from ocamaster was developed for security and sucess. and it is working very fast, only take about 24 seconds for 1 cycle, it can even laminate 4pcs iphone5 LCD at once with a very good result, after over 7 months developing and testing, we released this machine OM-K5Edge in this summer.

OM-K5Edge special deveoped for the samsung s6edge/s7edge and other bend LED screens, we knew the Iphone7 will equiped the OLED screens from samsung, and the OLED screen is the trend for smartphone, though the fake LCD of iphone is very low now, but once OLED become popular, the time of LCD repairing is really came, because the OLED screen is not easily beed copied.

The only difference between OM-K5Edge and OM-K6Edge is that OM-K5Edge is an automatic machine.



Model: OM-K5edge for 10 inches screens

Lamination: Soft to hard (warm) lamination

Capacity: 24seconds/cycle

Power input: AC110V/220V Optional

Currents: 6amps for 220V, 12amps for 110V

Vacuum: ≤-0.985 Bar

Air compressor: 0.45Mpa ≤Pressure≤0.65Mpa

Size: 51*41*42 cm

Warranty: 12 months

Net weight: 50kg

Packing: Strong wood box 

Color: White



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How to use?

Please watch the video below to know more details about this machine.

I am a major fan of OCAMASTER as I have the OM-F3, OM-K5 and the OM-518Plus. You can call me for technical support if you are from the US; I would be glad to help.

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