All in one LCD lamination machine

All in one LCD lamination machine

OCA laminator and bubble remover machine

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OCA laminator and bubble remover machine



About OM-T3 LCD laminator

  This machine is a very developed all in one laminator (all in one means the laminator, bubbler remover, vacuum motor and air compressor all build in one machine), it does the glass lamination and bubble removing in the same chamber

  OM-T3 has 3 air pistions for pushing the lamination plate which is better for force controlling,  it only takes 1 second to open the door, it comes with a full locked debubble door design which can resist over 7 bar pressure for bubble removing. The default debubble pressure of this machine is 6.5 bar which is big enough for the normal LCD. 

  It can do both iphone framed glass lamination and samsung edges screen lamination up to 9 inches LCD,  the build in vacuum pump can creat a vacuum condition over 99%, which is very good for LCD lamination.




Model: OM-T3 LCD laminator

Lamination: Soft to hard (warm) lamination

Capacity: 60seconds/cycle

Power input: AC110V/220V Optional

Currents: 6amps for 220V, 12amps for 110V

Vacuum: ≤-0.985 Bar

Air compressor: 0.45Mpa ≤Pressure≤0.65Mpa

Size: 42*42*39 cm

Warranty: 12 months

Net weight: 35kg

Packing: Strong wood box 

Color: White



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The OM-K5 has made by job a ton easier. The technology used in the laminator has decreased the probability of a botched repair as well as having a built in air compressor! Once I’ve laminated in the LCD I can just pop it into compressor to get rid of any pesky blemishes.

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