Máquinas multifuncionales

Máquinas multifuncionales

When a process of repairing an iPhone LCD has begun, the final step that should take place before the LCD is assembled back together. This step is called the glass frame lamination. When it comes to the process of lamination of the frame, currently there are three options available.

First, there is the frame that is received using hot melted glue. In this case, a hot seal is used on the frame, along with the hot glue. The machine is needed that will melt the glue and produce the lamination process on the glass. The main advantage of this frame is the fact that it will stick exceedingly well on the glass. 

Then, there is the frame that uses the 3M glue. This frame is equipped with the 3M glue, in which case it is only needed to peel off the protective paper and simply stick it onto the glass without using any machine. Its main drawback is the fact that the frame can easily get loose and fall off from the glass.

Using a frame without any additions means that there is no glue involved, just the frame. It can be attached to the glass using some form of super glue, but this mostly does not look very professional. 

Fortunately, the most recent automatic frame laminator made by OCAMASTER has an embedded air compressor along with a vacuum pump, so that it can laminate the frame on the glass of the device’s glass in an automatic fashion. 

The OM-K5 has made by job a ton easier. The technology used in the laminator has decreased the probability of a botched repair as well as having a built in air compressor! Once I’ve laminated in the LCD I can just pop it into compressor to get rid of any pesky blemishes.

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