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  The 4 in 1 glass is a very popular glass for iphone LCD refurbishing now, this glass comes with cold press frame, oca glue and polarizer film, all of those material is the A++ grade quality, almost 99% near the original quality made by foxconn, and we believe it is really good enough for most of the customers, this glass does not have apple logo, so never worry about if it is illegal.

  The process of making this 4 in 1 glass is like below:

  1.  Apply the OCA glue on the glass by the industrial film applicator in a really dust free condition, we can apply about 7000pcs glass each single day by 1 machine.
  2.  Apply the polarizer film on the glass with OCA, this is the same process as applying OCA on the glass.
  3.  Cold press laminating the frame on the glass.
  4.  Bubble removing about 30 minutes.
  5.  Quality checking.
  6.  Delay bubbles checking after 2 or 3 days.
  7.  If no bubbles, packing and shipping.



  Never worry about the thoughness of this glass because it has been done the best tempered over 30 hours, we did the 120cm steel ball drop testing, and it never break.

  Many people like it because it can save you a lot of time for refurbishing cause everything is pre-installed. what you need to do is just remove the protection film and apply this glass with LCD by our premium mold.

  If you are doing iphone LCD refurbishing, please try this 4  in 1 glass, it is really works good with high efficiency.


  Recently i got some feedback from customer like Peter, Wesley, they asked me to keep writing some contents here to help people who has not much experience of LCD repairing. 

  Well, thanks for your guys suggestion, i am Alex from OCAmaster China factory, i am the CEO and also a technicial guy with about 5 years experiences of LCD repairing industry, my english is not so good so i can only write some simple sentence, but i hope it can help you to learn some useful points from my content.

  Today i want to talk about how important of the vacuum condition for a LCD laminator machine, as you know, the full name of OCA lamination machine is "Vacuum oca lamination machine", so Vacuum is the precondition for LCD laminating.

  1, How to get vacuum ?

  OCAmaster has 2 kind of machines, they are all in one model & separated model, all in one model means the laminator, vacuum pump, air compressor, bubble remover all built in one machine (such as K5, K5i, K5EDGE, K6EDGE), those machines are very popular for a individual repair shop since it won't take too much space from your table. some people said the all in one machine is not good because if any components damaged, fixing it will be a problem.

  i don't know how is other factories made their machines, but from ocamaster, all machine's components are very organized, all wires has been marked which is easily for replacing new parts if anyproblem happen. like below photos.




  Separated laminator is only for lamination, you need to connect it with an extra vacuum pump, air compressor, and you need a bubble remover for bubble removing, this kind of machine normally is suitable for mass producing (LCD repairing center, over 500pcs per day), OM-K4 & OM-K4Plus is a fast lamination for mass producing.



  All the vacuum motor for the machine above can pump to over 99.5% vacuum, this is very enough for LCD lamination, we sold more than 9000pcs machine in the last 3 years and never had customer complain about our vacuum motor can't pump enough vacuum.

  From 2017 if you buy separated LCD laminator machine, we will upgrad  vacuum pump to original Mitsubish vacuum motor for free.


  2. Select a good connector for machine.

  OCAmaster's new machine has upgraded to the metal self-locking hose connector, many factories does not choose this kind of connector because it consume more time to assemble machines compared with the fast hose connect, but ocamaster prefer to consume more times for getting a better performance.



  3. Equipped with a digital vacuum monitor & controller

  Digital vacuum monitor's accuracy is 0.1Kpa, OCAmaster's machines all equipped with this digital vacuum monitor and it made our machines are high sensitivity control vacuum motor's working, MOST OF OUR COMPETITORS'S MACHINE EQUIPPED WITH POINTER TYPE MONITOR, pointer monitor only can show the vacuum but can't control vacuum motor starting and stopping.





  Once vacuum degree is enough, bubbles will be easily removed after put in the bubble remover, a good laminator need a good vacuum motor, OCAmaster do understand about this !


------By Alex

Cold press framed glass is getting very popular now, the glass comes with cold press frame on it, the advantage of cold press framed glass is that the glue is very steady after a long time, means the frame won't separate from the glass easily like hot glue frame.



1. Buy the cold press framed glass

OCAmaster supply high quality cold press framed glass tested by many customers, our framed glass has a high level cleanliness, all of them manufactured in the 1000 class dust free room, the cold glue is orignal imported from 3M US which is very steady for a long life time working.


2. A framed glass regulating mould

If you buy the framed glass from ocamaster, i would like to recommend you buy the special regulating mould from ocamaster as well, because all moulds from OCAmaster is special customized for our glass or framed glass, this moulds can make the alignment high accuracy.




3. A red silicon lamination mould.

This mould is for put in the OM-K5 machine after regulated the framed glass on the LCD, it has a same size as the LCD, all the other lamination process is same.




Last point, if use cold press framed glass, you have to laminate the OCA film and polarizer on the LCD, we have a latest film lamination machine OM-F3 which has a powerful vacuum pump

First, you have to understand that OCA is a special glue, it is softer than solid but harder than liquid LOCA glue, we never got bubbles when use LOCA glue to refurbish LCD, that's because of bubbles can be removed easily from the liquid, but air can't pass through colloid easily.

Why does bubbles reappear?

Do you think you really removed all the bubbles after you put them in the autoclave like 5 minutes? the answer is "NO", the real process of bubbles removing is to squeezing the air out of the OCA after lamination, maybe you did not see any bubbles after bubble removing, but the truth is that the air bubbles has been separated to many many tiny bubbles that you can't see it by eyes, but once those tiny bubbles join together after few minutes or few hours, they will become like a tiny bubble you can see.


How to avoid this?

1, Choose a good quality glue, Mitsubishi is the most popular glue in the market now, it is very soft with good viscidity, there has 3 types of thickness in the market, 175um, 200um, 250um, honestly speaking, 250um is the best one for lamination and bubble removing since it has more space between glass and LCD to squeezing the air, but the cost of 250um is higher than 175um and 200um, so you can find most of the OCA glue in the market with marked thickness 250um is only 200um, some even only 175um.  So, make sure you got the real 250um OCA, the only disadvantage of 250um glue is the LCD will be a little bit thicker than the original LCD after refurbishing, but most of the customers they don't care that.


2, Keep your OCA in a good condition such as 20C degrees, no sunshine, about 30% to 70% humidity.


3, Temperature, before laminating the glass on the LCD, i would like to preheat the OCA glue about 2 minutes with temperature 50C degrees, for iphone, i use cold press framed glass, so i laminate OCA on the LCD so i preheat the LCD, for samsung, after i put OCA on the glass then i will preheat the glued glass.

4, Thickness of the paint. All the glass has paint (such as black/white/blue/gray), and those paint minimum are 3 layers, a good quality white glass's paint should less than 35um,a good quality black glass's paint thickness should less than 15um, so if you bought the fake quality glass with more thicker paint, then it will be more risky to have bubbles problem. most of the tiny bubbles if reappear near the frame or bottom & top edge of your LCD, that's probally the paint problem.

5. Laminator's problem, the most important condition for laminator is vacuum, a pure vacuum can make the lamination be perfect and easy bubble removing, all the laminator from OCAmaster has been tested the vacuum over 200 hours before shipping. 

If you fully understood what i said above, you will resolve the bubble issue easily.

-----by Alex

How to solve the anti static problem for iphone LCD refurbishing?



Static is a normal problem for most of people when repair iphone LCD, it can make touch loose and color problem, for removing static from LCD, we suggest the following points.


1, Higer the humidity of your work place.

Lower humidity means air is more dry, the dry air can increase the dust and static in the air, add the humidity is the first solution you have to take, normally 75% humidity is good for a LCD repair work shop.


2, Controlling the temperature.

A good temperature is also important for removing static, from 25 to 30 centigrade degrees is good.


3, Static remover fan.

OCAmaster sell the static remover fan, see the follow photo please, this fan is helpful to remove the static, put it on the table in front of your polairzer film laminator machine.




4, Put the static glue on the edge of poalrized film.

Put the static glue is the best solution to remove the static from the poalrizer film, there has many different kind static glue in the market, choose a good quality is very important since it has better conductivity ability, means it can remove the static from polarizer to your iphone mainboard easily. if you dont know how to put the static glue on the LCD, go to youtube and search ocamaster, you will find the video instruction.




5, Choose an orginal qualtiy polarizer film.

If you dont have a original quality polarizer film, then all you have done above is useless, ocamaster not only sell machines, but also doing LCD refurbishing for our client, we have the good experiences of how to check the quality of poalrizer film, all the materials such as OCA glue, polarized film, glass and other accessories from OCAmaster has been tested on our refurbished LCD, if you want premium materials for LCD refurbishing, you can contact with ocamaster.




OM-K6EDGE manual instruction


1, Open the bubble removal tank and find the water filter, install it first.

2, Check the lamination plate and blue seal ring, make sure no dirty on it.

3, Power on machine, check the emergency switch, it should be normally OFF.

4, Go to "Setting" Chinese is the last menu"参数设置" and select the language. Don't reset the other settings.

5, Enter the "Auto model", press "Start".

6, Default temperature setting is 55C degrees, temperature from 45 to 60 is good for lamination.

7, Different elevation has different maximum vacuum reading, we advise you to "Start" the machine and record the maximum reading of the left "Vacuum" meter, the setting value of the left "Vacuum" meter is the maximum value minus 1. (if maximum value we can get is -92, then the setting value is -91, if the maximum vacuum we can get is -98, then set the "vacuum" meter to -97), once finished setting this "Vacuum" at the first time, then you no need to reset it.

8, The right “Lamination” meter is for adjusting the laminating pressure, the default setting is -70.

9, If you want to increase the lamination pressure, click the blue button, it will appear in turn "L0-2","H1-2","P-1". The last "P-1" is for setting lamination pressure. the more value you set, the less pressure you get. (ex: -50 lamination pressure is bigger than -70).

10,Samsung flat LCD and iphone glass without frame set -50,glass face down, put a dust free wiper on the LCD for protecting the air bag.

11, When laminating framed glass for iphone, set lamination “-70”, glass face up. DON'T set over -70 (such as -50), otherwise it will damage LCD.


Warning: For “Vacuum” & “Lamination” monitor. Don’t press the blue button over 2 seconds, otherwise it will enter the advanced model


Normal issue: Why machine always keep pumping vacuum and never start the lamination step

 After click “Start”, Vacuum pump keep running more than 1 minute and never start the lamination, this is because the setting value of the “Vacuum” monitor is higher than the Maximum vacuum of this machine can pump, for example, if we set the “Vacuum” monitor -98, but the maximum vacuum the pump can reach is only “-96.5”, then the machine will always pumping unless it reach “-98”, so we have to set the “Vacuum” monitor to “-95.5”, then machine will work correctly




If you don't understand the relation between vacuum and elevation, please read the airticle by the click the above link.


First, please understand that only iphone LCD has bezel frame on the glass, so this article is special for iphone LCD refurbishing, not for samsung.


The cold press framed glass got very popular from 1 year ago, it was a new technology for making iphone's LCD refurbishing more faster, the glass come with a frame laminated with cold glue, the advantage of the cold glue is that it won't deteriorate after few months and lose viscidity (most of the hot glue laminated frame got easily separated from the glass after few months ).



Why did this happen?


Hot glue is a special glue need heat and become viscidity, but over heat can damage the chemical property of the hot glue, in fact hot glue is not bad, the problem is that we can't control the temperature very well when we heat up the hot glue (though we have the high accuracy temperature controller), because the hot glue is very sensitive with temperature. If temperature is too high, it will damage the glue, if temperature is too low, it won't melt the glue very well, the perfect temperature for hot glue melting is about 120C/248F degrees.


What is the trending of cold press framed glass for iphone?


Honestly speaking, i really loved the cold presse framed glass when i reapir a iphone cracked LCD, because it really save my time, what i need to do is just to put a polarizer film and OCA glue on the LCD by the film laminator such as OM-F1, this F1 developed with a universal mold for all iphone, and it has a flex cable protection design, make sure the flex cable always is safe. this F1 also don't make bubbles after OCA film or poalrizer film installed on the LCD. 





After polarizer film and OCA film installed, we need a alignment mold to regulate the framed glass on the LCD, we highly recommend you buy the mold from OCAmaster together with framed glass, because of our mold designed with same size as our framed glass, so it is high accuracy.





The final step is to laminate it, we have a special developed lamiantion mold for iphone 4.7 and 5.5 inches LCD, it has the flex cable protection as well, which is really high security when you refurbishing iphone LCD.




Many clients had the same question (or we can call it problem) after they bought the air bag OCA laminator (such as OM-K6edge, K5edge), the problem is that their machine keep pumping vacuum and never start the second step (Lamination step), sometimes they even can smell the burn from inside.


Why does this happen?


This is because of the "practical vacuum" did not reach  the "set vacuum". (This is only for the "vacuum" meter)

For example, the factory setting of the "Vacuum" meter is -98Kpa, if the maximum vacuum your machine only can reach -97Kpa, then your machine will always keep pumping vacuum unless it reach -98Kpa.  (That's why some clients said their machine never start the lamination step).


How to solve this problem?


1, When you get your machine, please check the blue seal ring on the lamination plate, make sure there has no any dust and space, because dust and space will make air leak, and your vacuum won't rise up.

2, After checked the blue seal ring, start your machine and write down the maximum vacuum your machine can reach.

3, If your maximum vacuum is more than -98Kpa, then your machine can work properly, but if your maximum less than -98kpa, then you will have the same problem above (pump always working and never start the second step)

4, After problem confirmed, then go to the "vacuum" meter and click the blue button (Note: only click, don't press the blue button over 2 seconds, because it will enter the advance setting model. And please DON'T set the vacuum meter in the advance model), go to "P_1" and set it less than your maximum vacuum, the difference normally is "-1", for example, if the maximum vacuum is -97.2, then please set the "P_1" to -96.2


Read the follow information to help you understand this easily.


Atmospheric pressure decreases exponentially with altitude. 

We are actually living near the bottom of an ocean of air.

At sea level, the weight of the air presses on us with a pressure of approximately 14.7 lbs/in2.  

At higher altitudes, less air means less weight and less pressure.  Pressure and density of air decreases with increasing elevation.  

Pressure varies smoothly from the earth's surface to the top of the mesosphere.  This table compiled by NASA gives a rough idea of air pressure at various altitudes (as a fraction of one atmosphere).

of 1 atm
average altitude
(m) (ft)
1 0 0
1/2 5,486.3 18,000
1/3 8,375.8 27,480
1/10 16,131.9 52,926
1/100 30,900.9 101,381
1/1000 48,467.2 159,013
1/10000 69,463.6 227,899
1/100000 96,281.6 283,076
Determining atmospheric pressure:

p = atmospheric pressure
(measured in bars)
h = height (altitude)
p0 = is pressure at height h = 0 (surface pressure)
h0 = scale height 

This equation shows that the atmospheric pressure decays exponentially from its value at the surface of the body where the height h is equal to 0.

When h0 = h, the pressure has decreased to a value of e-1 times its value at the surface.

The surface pressure on Earth is approximately 1 bar, and the scale height of the atmosphere is approximately 7 kilometers.

Earth:   p0 = 1  and   h0 = 7


1.  Estimate the pressure at an altitude of 3 kilometers in Earth's atmosphere. 


2.  Estimate the pressure at an altitude equivalent to the height of Mount Everest (the highest point on Earth).  The altitude of Mount Everest is 8,848 meters.  (Change meters to kilometers.)


3.  Estimate the pressure at an altitude equivalent to the height of Mount Kilimanjaro, 5,895 meters.


4.  Estimate the pressure in the Earth's stratosphere at a height of 35 kilometers.  This pressure will be approximately equivalent to the pressure on Mars.


5.  Using your graphing calculator and the NASA table at the top, prepare a scatter plot of the altitude in kilometers (x-axis) and the air pressure (y-axis).  Find an exponential model equation for this data.


6.  Using your findings from questions 1, 2, 3 and 4, prepare a scatter plot of the altitude in kilometers and the air pressure.  Find an exponential model equation for this data.


7.  Compare the three equations you have obtained comparing altitude and air pressure.  What are the similarities?  What are the differences?  Explain.



It was a very interested trip in Las Vegas, we met some customers in the show and it was exicted to talk with them about LCD refurbishing, we shared some new technology of iphone6s/7 and samsung s6/s7 edge OLED repairing.

Many customers are very interested in the new air bag OCA lamination machine OM-K6edge, it looks very smart, and it can laminate both LCD and OLED, the most important upgrading of this air bag laminator is highly security.

We had a live show of how to refurbish iphone6s LCD within 10 minutes, people there are very interested in this new lamination style, about 12 clients placed the order after they watched the process, "i never know it is so easy to refurbish a iphone LCD, i won't sell my broken LCD anymore", that's what Kevin told me.

If you are from America, we have distributor there and they can supply good training to you.

Contact with us if you have more question




What is air bag oca lamination machine?


It is a latest technology for laminating the glass on the LCD such as iphone, samsung, OCAmaster released a machine OM-K6EDGE special developed for fast LCD refurbishing with air bag, the lamination way of this machine is a air bag, when inflating the air bag, it will security press the glass and LCD.


What is the advantage of air bag OCA laminator machine?


Fast, security, lower risk and silence. OM-K6edge special designed for cold press framed glass lamination, it has a special mold for laminating.


Do we need to upgrade our air bag lamination machine after several years?


No need, this machine even can laminate the samsung s6edge,s7edge OLED which is bend, we already considered the next generation OLED for this machine.


How is the quality of your laminator?


We use the best quality vacuum motor for this machine which can work over 15 years, and all other spare parts can be sent soon if client need it. we offer 12 months warranty for the machine.

The Note 5 has physical keys, while the LG V10 uses on-screen

Mobile display technology is firmly split into two camps, the AMOLED and LCD crowds. Both are based on quite different underlying technologies, leading manufacturers to tout a number of different benefits depending on which display type they’ve opted for.

Let’s find out if really there’s a noticeable difference between these two displays technologies, if there is what sort of differences we can expect, and if the company marketing hype is to be believed.

The structure of an organic light emitting diode.

Technology explained – AMOLED
We’ll start alphabetically with AMOLED, although to be a little broader we should probably start with a little background about OLED technology in general.

It’s hidden in the name, but the key component in these display types is a Light Emitting Diode (LED). Electronics hobbyists will no doubt have played around with these little lights before, but in a display panel these are shrunk down dramatically and arranged in red, green and blue clusters to create an individual pixel that can reproduce white light and various colors. The arrangement of these subpixels can alter the performance of the displays slightly.

Active verses passive matrix OLED displays.

The structure of an organic light emitting diode.
The structure of an organic light emitting diode.
The O part in OLED stands for organic. Simply put, there are a series of thin organic material films placed between two conductors in each LED, which is then used to produce light when a current is applied.

Finally, the AM part in AMOLED stands in for Active Matrix, rather than a passive matrix technology. This tells us how each little OLED is controlled. In a passive matrix, a complex grid system is used to control individual pixels, where integrated circuits control a charge sent down each column or row. But this is rather slow and can be imprecise. Active Matrix systems attach a thin film transistor (TFT) and capacitor to each LED. This way, when a row and column is activated to access a pixel, the capacitor at the correct pixel can retain its charge in between refresh cycles, allowing for faster and more precise control.

Active verses passive matrix OLED displays.
Active verses passive matrix OLED display designs.
One other term you will encounter is Super AMOLED, which is Samsung’s marketing term for a display that incorporates the capacitive touchscreen right into the display, instead of it being a separate layer on top of the display. This makes the display thinner.

The major benefits from OLED type displays comes from the high level of control that can be exerted over each pixel. Pixels can be switched completely off, allowing for deep blacks and a high contrast ratio. Being able to dim and turn off individual pixels also saves on power. The lack of other layers on top of the LEDs means that the maximum amount of light reaches the display surface, resulting in brighter images with better viewing angles.

The use of LEDs also means that these displays can be very thin, making them ideal for mobile devices. Furthermore, the lack of a rigid backlight and innovations in flexible plastic substrates has already produced early generation flexible OLED based displays, which are very promising for wearables and creating new form factors for other gadgets.


Technology Explained – LCD
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, and reproduces colors quite differently to AMOLED. Rather than using individual light emitting components, LCD displays rely on a backlight as the sole light source. Although multiple backlights can be used across a display to help save on power consumption, but this is more of a requirement in larger TVs.

Scientifically speaking, there’s no individual white light wavelength. White light is a mixture of all other visible colors in the spectrum. Therefore, LCD backlights have to create a pseudo white light as efficiently as possible, which can then be filtered into different colors in the liquid crystal element. Most LCDs rely on a blue LED backlight which is filtered through a yellow phosphor coating, producing a pseudo white light.

The spectral content of a single "white LED" is different to producing white light from three RGB LEDs.

The spectral content of a single "white LED" is different to producing white light from three RGB LEDs.

Power Electronics

The spectral content of a single “white” LED is different from producing white light from three individual RGB LEDs.

LCD LayersThe really complicated part comes next, as light is then polarised and passed through a crystal element. The crystal can be twisted to varying degrees depending on the voltage applied to it, which adjusts the angle of the polarized light. The light then passes through a second polarized filter that is offset by 90 degrees compared with the first, which will attenuate the light based on its angle. Finally, a red, green, or blue color filter is applied to this light, and these sub-pixels are grouped into pixels to adjust colors across the display.

All combined, this allows a LCD display to control the amount of RGB light reaching the surface by culling a backlight, rather than producing colored light in each pixel. Just like AMOLED, LCD displays can either be active or passive matrix devices, and you’ll often see active TFT LCD displays in mobile phones.

Showdown: Super AMOLED vs LCD


LCD and OLED pixel structures are considerably different, leading to different visual results.

LCD and OLED pixel structures are considerably different, leading to different visual results.


LCD and OLED pixel structures are considerably different, leading to different visual results.

This wide variation in the way that light is produced has quite a profound difference to the user experience. Color gamut is often the most talked about difference between the two display types, with AMOLED providing a greater range of color options than LCD, resulting in more vibrant looking images.

OLED displays are known for additional green and blue saturations, as these tend to be the most powerful colors in the subpixel arrangement and very little green is required for white light. Some observers find that this extra saturation produces results that they find slightly unnatural looking. LCDs typically tend to overcompensate further into the reds, with more subdued greens. Although not possessing quite such a wide gamut, LCD displays typically offer a very close match to the Standard FBG color gamut profile used by image and video media.
BlackBerry Priv GamutGalaxy Note 5 GamutLG V10 Gamut
A closer examination of actual smartphone displays reveals that color gamut can vary quite considerably even between the same types of display. The graphs above show that even though the BlackBerry Priv and Galaxy Note 5 share an AMOLED display from the same manufacturer, they produce quite different gamut profiles, while the LCD backed V10 is different further still. The inclusion of multiple display profiles and different manufacturer calibration targets partly explains these differences, so few displays are ever exactly alike.

Color accuracy is also another notable difference, particularly when it comes to whites. Our own testing of some of the best Android smartphones last year revealed that OLED based displays produced very accurate results, while LCD displays resulted in a slight blue tint. This isn’t so surprising though, given that LCD displays are based on a filtered blue backlight.

The Z5 Premium and LG V10 (LCD) show a notable blue tint on whites compared with the Priv and Note 5 (AMOLED).
As we mentioned before, the lack of a backlight and filtering layers also weighs quite heavily in favour of OLED over LCD. LCD displays often suffer from light bleed and a lower contrast ratio as the backlight doesn’t switch off even when pixels are supposed to be black, while OLED can simply switch off its pixels. LCD’s filtering layer also inherently blocks some light and the additional depth means that viewing angles are also reduced compared to OLED.

One downside of AMOLED is that different LEDs have different life spans, meaning that the individual RBG light components eventually degrade at slightly different rates. As well as the dreaded but relatively rare burn-in phenomenon, OLED display color balance can drift very slightly over time, while LED’s single backlight means that color balance remains more consistent.


Picking a winner
There are some pros and cons to both technologies and some reasonable user preferences between the different color and contrast profiles. Although the prevalence of multiple display modes available in modern smartphones makes this somewhat less of an issue these days. However, the falling production costs and additional benefits of OLED displays makes them likely to be the technology to watch going forwards, with cheaper LCD units filling the gap in budget segments of the market.

Major display manufacturers, such as LG Display, are betting big on OLED technology for the future, making major investments into additional production facilities. The AMOLED panel market is expected to be worth close to $30 billion in 2022, more than double its value today. Not to mention the as yet untapped market potential in flexible displays.

That said, developments in Quantum Dot LCD displays could narrow the performance gap between LCD and OLED, so certainly don’t count LCD out of the race just yet.


Das Samsung S6 Rand wurde zum ersten Mal weniger veröffentlicht als vor einem Jahr, und viele Nutzer haben Probleme bereits mit gebrochenen und geknackt Bildschirme. In der Tat war es das schlechteste Ranking Telefon im Square Trade der Biegsamkeit Test - Dies bedeutet, dass der Bildschirm oft biegt, bricht das Glas. einen zerbrochenen Bildschirm Reparatur ist offensichtlich nicht möglich ist, so muss es ersetzt werden. In diesem Leitfaden werden wir die Methoden von gerissenen Samsung S6Edge OLED-Touchscreen Reparatur erklären.

Leider können Sie verwenden, um Ihre Garantie nicht für den Ersatz zu zahlen. Samsung wurde als Lade mehr als 200 US-Dollar für den Job angegeben - extrem teuer! Genauso gut könnte man einfach ein neues Gerät für diesen Preis kaufen. Normalerweise sind die Kosten für einen zerbrochenen Bildschirm Fixierung nur rund 100 US-Dollar. Sie können versuchen, es nicht mit Samsung zu tun, sondern durch eine private Werkstatt - die Preise sind in der Regel deutlich niedriger. Leider bedeutet dies, dass die Garantie für ungültig erklärt wird. Darüber hinaus bot die Qualität der Teile und der sich nicht als zuverlässig gut, wie wenn man es angeboten von Samsung durch die offiziellen Mittel zu reparieren.

Schließlich können Sie versuchen, das Gerät selbst zu reparieren. Dies wäre die günstigste Variante sein, aber beachten Sie bitte, dass eine spezielle Maschine erforderlich ist, wenn Sie die OLED-Touchscreen ersetzen müssen. Selbst wenn Sie nur das zerbrochene Glas aus dem OLED-Bildschirm ersetzen müssen. Wenn Sie jedoch nur das zerbrochene Glas ändern müssen, und Sie können es selbst zu tun, würden Sie eine Menge Geld sparen. Ein Ersatzglas ist vielleicht nur $ 20 oder weniger.

Wenn Sie die Reparatur selbst zu versuchen Sie wählen, müssen Sie sehr vorsichtig sein, wenn die Ersatzteile zu kaufen. Heutzutage gibt es viele Betrügereien und gefälschte Verkäufer, die Sie alt, gebrochen oder gerade nach oben falschen Teil verkaufen. Sie müssen die bekanntesten Ersatzteil Online-Shops zu nutzen - es wird nur ein paar Minuten dauern vertrauenswürdig diejenigen mit einer schnellen Google-Suche zu finden, und Sie könnten möglicherweise vermeiden für Ihr Geld betrogen.

Am wichtigsten ist, aber stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Zugriff auf die erforderlichen Werkzeuge und Geräte für die Extraktion des zerbrochenen Glas erforderlich sind. Es ist eine schwierige Aufgabe, mit einem hohen Maß an spielerischer Fähigkeit, so tun Sie es nicht versuchen, wenn Sie kein Experte sind. Sie sollten sicherstellen, dass Sie einige Telefon Reparatur Erfahrung oder die Hilfe von jemandem, der tut, weil es nicht so einfach sein könnte und einfach, wie Sie denken. Egal, was Sie sich entscheiden, viel Glück!


Wenn Sie Airbag oca Laminiermaschine kaufen möchten, sollten Sie sich bewusst der Faktoren oder Spitzen sein, während dem Kauf zu suchen. Allerdings haben diejenigen, die gehabt haben, Informationen über diese Tipps der Lage, die Airbag-oca Laminierung Maschinen leicht während ihrer Kauf zu kaufen. Hier sind die Tipps, wenn heute Airbag oca Laminiermaschine aus dem Markt zu kaufen:

Diese Airbag oca Laminierung Maschinen verkauft anders auf dem Markt, wenn Denk ein Kauf. Bevor Sie in der Lage sein, eine Entscheidung des einen zu machen, die Sie kaufen möchten, sollten Sie auf ihre Preise gut recherchieren, da dies die Menge des Geldes bestimmen, die Sie zahlen würden, wenn sie sie kaufen. Diejenigen, die waren in der Lage, ihre Forschung zu tun, waren in der Lage, diese Airbags oca Laminierung Maschinen aus dem Markt zu den besten Preisen zu kaufen. Darüber hinaus haben sie in der Lage gewesen, Geld aus der breiten Palette von Optionen zu speichern, die der Markt für den Verkauf zur Verfügung stellt.

Eine gute Airbag oca Laminierung Maschine sollte die neueste Technologie. Bevor Sie in der Lage, einen zu kaufen sein können, müssen Sie der Technik bewusst sein, es da verwendet wird dies seine Leistungsfähigkeit beeinflussen, wenn es zu benutzen. Diejenigen, die es versucht haben, waren immer zufrieden mit der Qualität der Airbag oca Laminiermaschine, wenn man aus dem Markt zu kaufen.

Die Einfachheit, wenn der Airbag oca Laminiermaschine verwenden, sollten Sie bei dem Kauf führen. Sie sollten daran denken, dass dies eine Maschine für die Reparatur von irgendeiner Form von gebrochenen LCD-Digitizer von Samsung, iPhone und anderen Smartphones verwendet wird. Wenn Sie diejenigen, die einfach zu bedienen sind zu kaufen, werden Sie immer eine einfache Zeit haben, wenn es zu benutzen. Alle diejenigen, die versucht haben, mit immer wurden mit den Entwürfen zufrieden, dass der Markt bietet.

Wenn Sie einen Airbag oca Laminiermaschine kaufen, sollten Sie sicherstellen, dass Sie einen Platz bekommen würde, wo Sie es warten oder zu reparieren, wenn es ein muss. Dieser Airbag oca Laminiermaschine sollte einfach sein, mit der neuesten Technologie zu reparieren. Sie wollen wirklich nicht, etwas zu kaufen, die Sie eine harte Zeit geben würde, wenn es im Falle einer Panne mit. Es wird Ihnen lange dienen, wenn Sie in der Lage sind, es im Falle eines mechanischen Problems gut zu reparieren.

Abschließend sind die oben einige der Tipps, wenn heute Airbag oca Laminiermaschine aus dem Markt zu kaufen.


Die Erfindung des Smartphones ist vielleicht einer der bemerkenswertesten technologischen Innovationen des 21. Jahrhunderts. Während Smartphones ein integraler Bestandteil des täglichen Lebens geworden sind, haben sie einen großen Nachteil: ihre Bildschirme leicht kaputtgehen. Es wurden für die Reparatur von Handy-Bildschirmen, aber eines der bemerkenswertesten ist die Verwendung eines Telefon-LCD-Reparatur-Maschine fortgeschritten viele Techniken gewesen

Wie funktioniert ein Handy-LCD-Reparatur-Maschine arbeiten?

Anders als die meisten der Telefonreparatur Maschinen derzeit auf dem Markt, das Telefon LCD-Reparatur-Maschine verwendet moderne Technologie, um nicht nur effektiv eine gebrochene Handy-Bildschirm zu reparieren, sondern auch das Verfahren durchführen innerhalb kürzester Zeit möglich. Allerdings ist es wichtig, zu bemerken, dass die LCD-Reparatur-Maschine funktioniert nur für Geräte, deren Bildschirme sind gebrochen, aber der LCD-Bildschirm noch arbeiten kann

Das Telefon LCD-Reparatur-Maschine kann den gebrochenen Bildschirm effektiv reparieren für nahezu alle Marken von Smartphones. Ob Sony, Samsung, HTC oder sogar iphone, das Telefon LCD-Reparatur-Maschine effektiv den Bildschirm zu reparieren und dabei, wiederherstellen zu seiner nahezu ursprünglichen Zustand

Was sind die Vorteile der LCD-Reparatur-Maschine für Handy-Bildschirm Reparaturen verwenden?

Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Vorteilen mit der Benutzung des Telefons LCD-Reparatur-Maschine verbunden sind für die Reparatur von gerissenen Handy-Bildschirme. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über einige der Top-Vorteile, die damit verbunden


Wie Sie wissen, können die Kosten für ein neues Handy-Bildschirm ganz speziell für die neuesten Smartphone-Modelle auf dem Markt hoch sein. Durch die Nutzung des LCD-Reparatur-Maschine, können Sie in der Lage sein, viel Geld zu sparen, die sonst ein neues Handy-Bildschirm und während dabei in Kauf verwendet worden wäre, haben Sie Ihre Handy-Bildschirm zu seiner nahezu ursprünglichen Zustand wiederhergestellt

Sparen Sie Zeit

Der Prozess der Handy-Bildschirm zu ersetzen, kann sehr zeitaufwendig sein, da es eine Reihe von komplizierten Prozesse beinhaltet. Doch mit der Verwendung eines Telefon-LCD-Ersatz-Maschine, können Sie in der Lage sein, auf Zeit zu sparen, da der Prozess bei der Reparatur verwendet in einem Maße automatisiert ist und als solche nicht die meiste Zeit in Anspruch nehmen

Halten Sie Ihre Original Handy-Bildschirm

Das Smartphone-Ersatzteilmarkt mit gefälschten Teilen überflutet. Wahrscheinlich als nicht, wenn Sie Ihre beschädigten Handy-Bildschirm zu ersetzen, ist der Austausch sehr wahrscheinlich eine minderwertige Drittprodukt zu sein, die nicht lange oder Schlimmste noch dauern wird, Kompromisse unterstützende Systeme innerhalb Ihres Telefons. Halten Sie Ihr Original Handy-Bildschirm, haben es repariert einen LCD-Reparatur-Maschine mit

Im Hinblick auf die oben genannten Faktoren ist es sehr empfehlenswert, dass Sie Ihr Handy-Bildschirm mit einem Telefon LCD-Reparatur-Maschine reparieren

Iphone is probably the most expensive smart phones today whose maintenance requires proper care and attention. Well, for many people who own a smart phone like an iphone, what usually poses a big challenge is when the phone breaks down and particularly where to find the genuine repair parts or buy a new genuine smart phone that will serve you better and for longer. If you are a resident of Australia, there are many places both across the street iphone shops and online stores and service centres where you can seek the best iphone technicians, spare parts and even buy a new one. If you own an iphone 5 and its screen get smashed, there is no need to worry as you can get a reliable and affordable iphone 5 LCD screen replacement technician online at any time of your convenience. The question that many always ask is what tips that will enable one find a reliable iphone shop or even a technician. Let's take a look at some guidelines.

First and foremost, you must acknowledge that the World Wide Web is a new revolution in the ways business transactions are undertaken. Also, with the dawn of the internet, cyberspace crime have also been on the rise and this mean whenever you are looking for an iphone repair part online, it is important to take precautions so that you don't land into the hands or website of a fraudster who will either provide you with fake iphone parts or simple make away with your money.

Iphone 5 LCD repair requires that a technician takes proper caution so that no further damage is caused to its interior parts. This is essentially the reason why most iphone owners will always seek the services of a qualified iphone repair professional. Therefore when looking for an iphone repair online, take this into consideration. Always authenticate that the service provider whose services you are seeking is a certified iphone technician. You can ask for available legal and professional certificates so that your iphone is repaired without any worries.

Some sites are scam and have no definite hosting. This is something that you should always take into account by ensuring that the person to whom you are giving you iphone is a known iphone repair technician. The best way to ascertain this is by making sure you ask for their portfolios that will assure you of good service.
You will need your cutters, soldering tools, small screwdrivers, adhesives, and voltage tester. Once you have opened the iPad, focus on burnt parts, bulging capacitors, liquid discharge, and cracked boards. When you are conducting an iPad screen repair these types of problems will require parts replacement. There are special meters that are rapidly able to detect defective capacitors. Damaged capacitors that are electrolytic are often the cause of iPad LCD breakdowns. Once you have replaced the damaged parts, all you have to do is replace everything and you have completed the iPad LCD repair.

Users of Samsung s6, s7 edge and other devices with bend LCD have always experienced challenges that emanate from broken glass on LCD. As such, many people have avoided such devices, which hinder them from enjoying the benefits that the specified devices offer. 

We have good news for Samsung s6 and s7 edge enthusiasts and it is a high time that you go for your preferred devices because the problem that previous users experienced has been solved. Our organization announces the introduction of new machines OM-K6 EDGE OCA lamination machine that can laminate the once problematic edge LCD. Perhaps you are wondering how this can be possible considering the fact that many reviews posted in different sites diminished hopes about finding a solution.

Perhaps you have come across some service providers that claim to fix the problem using their own genius ways. You should run away from such fraudsters? Here is why! Laminating edge LCD is a tedious and delicate process and if not done in the correct way, you will never restore the original functioning of your device. In a nutshell, our machines assure you of a fully functional item after the repair. Contrary to other contemporary options that you may have heard of, our machines guarantees the following:

Best outcome due to accurate settings

The best results are achieved when the correct procedure is adhered to. Our machines have guide and assistance on how to approach certain processes so a user will not have to rely on trial and error, which jeopardizes the end-product. If you are keen about the reviews that other people give, you must have realized the issue of “bubbles”, which device owners claim to reappear upon repair. That problem is common and it results from failure to eliminate dust and other impurities during lamination. Our machines will take care of such issues.


Desirable results are achieved when the specifications of the device are adhered to before going ahead to fix the problem. Besides, aspects such as humidity and temperature are important considerations that should be made during the lamination process. Our machines facilitate strict adherence to such aspects.


You need not risk the usability of your device by relying on other options to fix the problem. Our lamination machines are what you need to continue enjoying the rewards of your investment. Perhaps there is something you want clarified so feel free to talk to us or visit our premises. We are waiting to serve you. 

Samsung S6 edge is a high end flagship smartphone from Samsung. The phone has a metal design with a doubled curved screen at the edges. LCD is an abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display technology used in digital watches and portable computers. It’s the source of an image displayed on a phone. The digitizer converts analog signals to digital ones. The smartphone has an SM-G925 LCD digitizer glass. The data from the glass is transferred to the smartphone via a digitizer flex ribbon, this is normally inclusive in the purchase of a replacement Liquid Crystal Display Digitizer.

Why and when to replace the LCD screen
The LCD screen should be replaced when is damaged by cracks or scuff marks. More so it needs to be replaced when it is damaged to the extent it can no longer display an image, this may due to cracking of the thin and highly fragile Liquid Crystal Display unit. This is common despite it being protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Samsung S6 edge LCD repair machine
The fact that the phone has a doubled curved screen or is bendable at the edges makes its Liquid Crystal Display repair different from a smartphone with a typical flat screen. It is not advisable to perform an LCD repair without the proper machine to do it. S6 edge LCD digitizer SM-G925 is replaced using a special machines OM-K6 EDGE OCA lamination machine. The phone also comes with a G925 LCD Touch Screen Replacement Assembly with frame that can be manually fixed, this is an alternative to using to the expensive and rare machines. Tools needed for the repair are a typical drier for hair, a screen suction cup tool, a pair of tweezers, a PH00 screwdriver from Philips, several case opening tools and a spudger. Steps taken during the replacement are as follows:
• Remove the battery door and heat up the back cover for 1 min. Insert the case opening tools into the phone’s edge and remove the adhesive to widen the gap.
• Remove the rear housing and remove the tray holding the SIM card. Undo the thirteen screws in the housing and separate the housing and the Liquid Crystal Display assembly using a screen suction cup tool coupled with a tool for opening cases. Disengage the three side key flex ribbon cables and peel off the wireless charging coil.

• Remove the motherboard and the camera at the front of the phone. Pry up the 2 signal cables that are attached to the main board and consequently disconnect the LCD screen and the digitizer, ear speaker, battery and the flex cables belonging to the home button used for connection. Next, flip over the motherboard and remove the connector belonging to the charging port flex cables. Disengage the assembly belonging to the ear speaker and the microphone located above of the logic board. Also remove the back camera.
• Remove the assembly belonging to the charging port and undo the two screws that are next to the earphone jack beside the charging port. The screws tend to be smaller than those found in the back housing. On completion, gently lift up the assembly belonging to the charging port.

• Remove the battery and gently pry it up using a spudger tool to keep the device safe from damage.
• Replace the new Liquid Crystal Display and assembly belonging to the digitizer.

Where to buy the replacement assembly
The Liquid Crystal Display Assembly can be bought from the manufacturer who is Samsung Mobile or from online markets that sell it at cost effective prices and ship it to you in afew days.

Now you know the Samsung S6 edge LCD repair machine to use or how to manually repair it if the machine is inaccessible.

Specializing in the production and development of all kind of various LCD laminating machines, OCAmaster is a well-known manufacturing company that is currently under the spotlight. There is a high demand for the machines sold by OCAmaster and has served the entire Europe, North America, South America and other Western countries. Moreover, OCAmaster takes huge part in training schools on teaching about various repair and tuning services which has helped students to start their own lamination works. It has attained good reputation due to the machines good quality and high efficiency provided that make it easy to use. Furthermore it provides after-sale services to make sure you are well set. 




Oca Laminating Machine by OCAmaster

The oca laminating machine is the new repair machine introduced by OCAmaster which has been trending currently in the market. Detailed information is summarized below:



All about OCA Laminating Machine

Used for the repair and development of different phones like the Samsung phones, iPhone’s, Sony phones, HTC phones, etc. the oca laminating machine is considered as a very rare product that is currently in high demand. Being sold by OCAmaster this machine is available online at Amazon, where it’s price is one thousand three hundred dollars. There are some positive aspects of this product; out of this some are as follows. 

-It does not require a molding nor does it have any bubbles in it.

- SMC prieumatic components are used for the assembling this machine. 

-It provides easy operation and thus appeals many customers. 

-It has a feature of key start and compatibility. 

-Under pressure the quality of the lamination formed by the oca laminating machine is smooth and flat which signifies that there is no stress on the machine or the product. 


The oca laminating machine works on three main principles of separation, lamination and compression. In the separation process the LCD screen are separated from shattered glass, frames etc. To get moving, first place your broken screen on the top of the machine and start the vacuum which is an added feature in the machine. Run the wire that is provided within the machine and separate the glass from your screen. You might notice some light scratches due to the shattered glass which can be corrected by using the polarizer remover. This will leave you with a plain, smooth LCD.

Next we go on lamination. This is the process in which the polarized film to the LCD and the OCA film to glass is laminated. Once lamination is done, we use the molds to provide alignment from LCD to polarized film.

Once molded, compress the air bubbles and blemishes left. During compression there will be certain amounts of adhesives that can be removed by an adhesive remover provided by OCAmaster. This will leave you with a complete, intact LCD




The oca laminating machine is compatible with a large variety of smartphones available in the market which makes it very appealing to customers. OCAmaster is the company that sells this product and is also famous for a large variety of other products. Once you confirm your order and it is processed, it can be delivered to you within 2 to 4 shipping days. 

Physical Features

The oca laminating machine is very ancient looking, something like a mix of a big old cell phone, computer and camera all with their buttons, lights and jacks. It has an air bubble remover, a vacuum pump and a built-in compressor. It has automatic door with a LCD controlling system of 4.8 inches. There are thousands of people who have purchased this product and have found it productive.

Expected Changes

The oca laminating machines faces a few problems and there are few changes that are possible. The first change is that the sensor contacting is made fixed so that vacuum of vacuum cylinder does not drop. Secondly, the connection between power cable and power jack is made tighter so that malfunctioning of power buttons can be fixed. The third change that can be implemented is to make the cylinder throttle flexible so that it can navigate between different locations. Furthermore a stronger heat pipe can be provided that can withstand larger temperatures. 


This has been a general walk around the oca laminating machine. At OCA master you get the best designed and manufactured machines. The ultimate destination has been proved- providing manufacturing machines that our customers can use to repair and make immaculate screens. Join them when it is a matter of repair and phone laminations.

What comes to mind when hearing the word refurbished?

Honestly, a few things may come to mind. It’s not new, it’s used and imperfect. This does not have to be the case; it depends on the machines and quality put into the work. When LCD refurbishing first came out, the machines just simply did not compare to what this industry has achieved. However, the impression that refurbished items are low quality has lingered. Ocamaster has been giving the reputation of LCD refurbishing a good name; with quality machines and accessories this industry can finally prosper. All the machines have been designed with the user in mind and tested as well as used by the company itself. In the beginning, when this industry first started to peek its head, we had machines like hot plates. It allowed the user to split glass from LCDs, but the primitive technology caused more issues than repairs, like scratching polarizers, messy LOCA and worst of all air bubbles and blemishes. Ocamaster has seen these issues and one at a time tackled these problems with its own solutions. It didn’t stop there, why just fix the problem when we can go beyond that? Why not develop machines that make it easier, faster, and best of all safer to use? In LCD refurbishing there are 3 main principles which are separation, lamination and compression. It’s a very simple process which does not require difficult not complicated methods of use. Let’s start with the separation process with the recommended machine the OM-518plus. The OM-518plus is a multifunctioning machine designed to separate LCDs from shattered glass, polarizer film from LCDs, separate Samsung frames from LCDs, and even frame lamination. This model comes with many iPhone molds, from models 5 up to the newest models. It’s easy to use for any newbie; built with adjustable temperatures to ensure you get the best results.

To get started, place your broken screen on the machines and start the built in vacuum. Once you make sure that it’s secured, run the wire that has been provided with the machine between the glass and the LCD. After separating the glass from the LCD, you may find light scratches on the polarizer due to the shattered glass. So the next step is to improve the quality for your customer. This model has a safe and independent polarizer remover.

After removing the polarizer you will end up with light amounts of adhesive on the LCD. Using an adhesive remover provided by Ocamaster, gently remove the adhesive with light swiping. This completes step one, which leaves you with a beautiful intact LCD. 

The next step, which was aforementioned, is laminating. This is where we will laminate OCA film to glass and polarizer film to the LCD we’ve separated.

The image shown here is of the OM-F3 which excels at its job. The OM-F3 is a universal machine used to apply different films to glass and/or LCDs. This machine comes with a built in high powered motor for vacuuming and compressing. Its automatic and easy regulation vastly speeds up business production.

Once the glass and polarizer has been laminated, we can now use the molds provided with the equipment. The molds are highly accurate and tested to ensure you get the alignment from glass to LCD without any issues. Start by inserting the LCD into the mold. Gently place the glass above the LCD and using your finger lightly press the center of the LCD to the glass. So now we can move to laminating the LCD to the glass and compressing out the air bubbles and blemishes left. In this article I will be focusing on the OM-K5.

The OM-K5 is a multipurpose machine, which excels at laminating pre-aligned LCD's to glass. Using the touchable interface, open the lamination door and insert the Pre-aligned assembly, then proceed to close the door. The OM-K5 has the latest technology, allowing it to softly laminate a LCD without damaging it. The easy to grasp interface comes in four languages to help accommodate foreign users: English, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. The lamination process has an automatic setting so the user can sit back and relax as the machine does its job. Once the timer goes off open the door and remove the LCD assembly. After reviewing your product, if you feel you have bubbles or small blemishes of any sort; pop it into the compression chamber. Once in the chamber you can monitor the time using the LCD interface. After a few minutes double check your screen to ensure all flaws have been taken care of. We will have to revisit the OM-518plus to quickly laminate the frame to the LCD assembly. This take about 15 seconds but once again we can set back and relax as the machine has an automatic timer for the perfect result. This leaves you with a beautiful screen with further options of attaching speaker meshes, camera holders and even all the small parts used in a full assembly. The options are limitless and give you more possibilities on satisfying your costumer.


This has been a general walk through of refurbishing a LCD. The results, when done properly, are amazing and presenting you with a perfect and like new screen. At OCAmaster, it has been a journey designing and manufacturing the best possible machines for the consumer. The ultimate goal has been reached; manufacturing machines our consumers can use to refurbish and make immaculate screens for their customer. This not only has improved businesses’ quality and speed of work but as well as increased a businesses’ profit margin.  All of this is to insure that we can give LCD refurbishing a second chance at redemption and good name.


To find the best LCD separator machine is itself in a very difficult task. You would always require one for your repair needs. There are many things that have to be kept in mind while choosing the right LCD Screen Glass Separator. So if you are interested in buying LCD Screen Glass Separator, you would already be knowing about repairing current devices. So if you really want to maximize your profit and do all the repairing work faster, you would need the right machine for your repairing work. 

LCD Screen Glass Separator comes in a variety of models and you can see a lot of different functions in it. But to decide which machine is the best is a hectic task. It depends on a lot of factors. The first one is that how much money you can actually spend. The reason behind this is that there are separator machines which cost as low as $50 and it can cost as high as $2000. The main difference of the cost depends on the functions and quality of the machine. 

Even you can get a LCD Screen Glass Separator for as low as $200. So if you are confused about buying the right separator machine, here is a list of the best LCD Screen Glass Separator machines that are recommended by experts. 

1. OM-S1 LCD Separator Machine with Vaccum

A lot of phones get damaged daily and one of the component which gets damaged most frequently is phone screen. With this Keedox LCD Separator Machine, repairing phone becomes really easy. It has WH-7860c advanced temperature controller which has high efficiency, is fast and can be easily operated. With the LED Display, working with the machine becomes really easy as it shows both the actual temperature and the setting temperature at the same time. This machine is compatible for Samsung phones, iPhones and many other phones having screen size of less than 7 inch. 

2. LCD Separator Screen Repair Machine with Built-In Vaccum Pump

This machine really comes in handy in a lot of situations. You can easily and quickly separate any damaged LCD screen with it. Because there is a built in vaccum pump, you do not require a traditional holding clamp at all. It can tilt till 30 degrees and designed perfectly to refurbish LCD screen. You can control the temperature with clear and easy display. This machine is compatible for Samsung phones, iPhones and many other phones having screen size of less than 7inch.

3. OCA Vaccum Laminator Machine Set 7inch LCD Screen Separator Machine

With this machine, you can easily separate the OCA glue that is present between the screen glass and LCD. Apart from this, you can also separate the broken glass from the LCD even if the LCD is working well. With this machine, you really do not require an expensive assembly screen to do the replacement work. This machine is easy to use, have simple operations and really great in quality. 


4. LCD Screen Bezel Middle Frame Separator

This LCD Separator machine can be specially used for separating Mid Frame from the assembly. It has a full metal body and is easy to be heated and durable. You can actually work faster while using this machine. One of the qualities of the machine is that it has a built-in vacuum pump and you would not require any clamps with this machine. This machine is compatible for Samsung phones, iPhones and many other phones having screen size of less than 7 inch.

5. MagicShield LCD Separator Machine Hot Plate for Screen Glass Repair

This is also one of the best machines available in the market. You can make use of this machine to separate the broken glass from the LCD. With this machine, you can heat up the screen assembly and that would eventually loosen the glue. After this you can remove it with Molybdenum cutting wire. The heating plate of this LCD Separator machine is made up of integrative alloy and that results to distributed heat conduction. The best quality about this machine is that it will stay in shape even in high temperatures.


So now that you have sufficient knowledge about all the top LCD Glass Separators in the market, you can buy one which is suited according to your needs. 

We have all been there, we have all had that one moment when our heart skips a beat as our IPhone hits the ground with a crack’ and our first reaction is to go into sheer panic. It is a feeling most people will understand very well (especially the clumsy ones like me) and have come to dread. Not only is it a real inconvenience having your phone screen cracked or smashed to smithereens but it can be a costly affair too. Sometimes it costs as much to get your phone screen fixed as your phone is actually worth, in fact sometimes more. The only reason we are willing to pay so much for this service is because our IPhone (and other cell/mobile phones in general) become a big part of our lives. They store all our messages, emails, contact numbers, notes, diary of events, photos, access to social media....they practically ARE our lives!
There are many companies out there offering to fix your phone screen at competitive rates but what if you could do it at home yourself? If you are prone to dropping your IPhone at any given time wouldn’t it be easier and more cost effective just to have the equipment and tools to repair it without having to drop it off at a repair shop?
You can buy yourself an IPhone LCD repair machine to use at home. For a reasonably good one it will cost about $200 going up to $1000 depending on how much you want to spend. If you and your family all have IPhones then it would possibly be a great investment for when the unthinkable occurs and one of them drops it or accidentally skate-boards over it (trust me, it happens). 
On the other hand you might be a bit of an entrepreneur and thinking about starting up your own small business fixing LCD screens. There is a market for it as so many people want to get their IPhone screen fixed hassle free and as quickly as possible, they will pay what ever it costs to get it done. Businesses that specialize in LCD repairs have reported that repairs have been steadily increasing over the last year. They must really love clumsy people!
The machines themselves are not the most stylish or elegant piece of equipment to look at, they tend to look like something that should really belong in a war memorabilia museum. They are state of the art technology though and for whatever purpose whether it be for home or business use it’s worth searching for the best buys on the market right now. Some of them look more complicated than others to master but there are so many videos and help guides on the internet which can assist you getting started. Once you do your first LCD screen you’ll feel like a pro in no time.
At least now you know if you should’ drop your phone again in the future you have the option of fixing it yourself with your own IPhone LCD repair machine.

A phone LCD repair machine is special for repairing those broken LCD of iPhone and other smartphones, and you will only take up few seconds to get rid of any broken glass out there. And you will have to choose between the manual, semi-automatic and automatic type, if you buy a LCD separator machine. However, some people say that the manual LCD repair machine offers the most bang for your buck. Anyway, these machines are very helpful and you will solve your problem quickly. That´s what we call convenience, but you should read on to find out more about it.

Safe Technology

Since people are spending money like crazy on broken screens, you should get a phone LCD repair machine as soon as you can. This will allow you to save a lot of money down the road. If you get a vacuum laminating machine – a type of LCD repair machine – you can get rid of a glass safely and quickly. This machine uses a laminating technology that is simply amazing, and you should put your hands on the automatic type right away.

If you pick out an air bubble LCD removing machine you will be in good hands. This machine offers a high level of safety, and you should take this fact seriously into consideration. This device can get rid any LCD screen within 25 minutes, and that´s what we call convenience these days. As you can see, a phone LCD repair machine is very helpful, and you will be able to make your phone look good again quickly. You will also need to remove the glue of your phone, so you are better off getting a glue removing machine as soon as possible too. And you will be able to separate any LCD from any touch screen out there, and that´s important too.

Useful Device

Since you will not have to buy the complete assembly anymore when your screen is cracked, you will avoid a lot of headaches in the future. Because a phone LCD repair machine comes with a safety power system, this will allow the machine to avoid any leaker problems whatsoever. These systems also feature anti-static material preventing the LCD from being damaged from the power of the static. You might also have access to many strong arms so that you can press any touch screen glass on any plate out there.

You can also hold any touch screen without causing damage thanks to a smooth metal place. If you want to work with all the precision in this world, get a phone LCD repair machine to make your smartphone look gorgeous again. Your phone will stay in shape if you get a phone LCD repair machine, as this machine features a heating plate that allows for distributed heat conduction. A phone LCD repair machine will handle a smartphone of up to 17 centimeters in length, and that´s another amazing feature that you should take into consideration. So don´t hide your head in the sand, and start out using a phone LCD repair machine right away.

One of the major inventions in the field of technology has been the invention of mobile phones. Mobile phones, over the year,s mobile phones have been an indispensible part of our life. It has become so important that if your mobile phone gets damaged or starts malfunctioning then, you find yourself in a state of absolute disarray. The entire process of communication comes to a standstill. 

One of the most remarkable inventions in field of mobile phones has been the iPhones. iPhones are made of the most advanced mechanism used in the mobile technology and these are very delicate items which can sustain serious damage due to even slightest of collision. One very common way of damaging a mobile phone is by dropping it. If you have a hardy set, then it might sustain such frequent falls, however, if you are dealing items which are as delicate as iPhones, in that case you need to be extra cautious and make sure that it doesn't happen. In case it happens, the screen of your iPhone which get damaged. And if your iPhone display is not good enough, the device is useless. 

When it comes to your costly belongings, especially a gadget like iPhone, you want to be extra sure that you donât spoil or damage it by mistake. However, if due to negligence or even when your iPhone stops working owing to one or the other functionality problem, it is always better that you get in touch with iPhone repair services offering companies and shops. You will find numerous companies that offer services such as iPod and iPhone repair long island-wide. These companies are adept at offering a wide range of repair services that will help you deal with all sort of damages caused to your gadget. 
The iPhone repair companies employ professional and highly experienced software and hardware technicians who are fully capable of handling all types of iPhone problems and damages. These technicians can repair your iPhone and ensure that it works exactly the way it used to before it got damaged. All you need to do is approach these technicians and once they have diagnosed and had a careful look at your iPhone, they will provide you with a free quote. After receiving an approval from you, the technician will replace any damaged parts, repair and finally return your iPhone back to you in no time. 

No matter what type of iPhone repair service you are specifically looking for, iPhone repair companies can provide you with one and all. Whether the front digitizer of your iPhone needs to be immediately replaced or even if you want to get rid of the broken and damaged LCD screen of your iPhone, you can safely get in touch with a reputed, dedicated and professional iPhone repair services offering company. Some of the other repair and replacement services offered by them include battery replacement, dock replacement, headphone jack replacement, cable replacement, broken screen repair etc. A good iPhone repair services providing company can also help you repair your precious iPhone that has suffered water damages. 

The technicians at these companies can also repair different models of iPhone including, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. They are expert at repairing glass back cover, charging port, home button and other types of faults and problems that are making it difficult for you to use your iPhone. If you are noticing small or large cracks on your iPhone's screen or even if it has turned completely black or white, you can easily approach these companies and get your iPhone repaired at affordable rates. If you can hear your iPhone ring but are finding it impossible to see who is calling you, then it is better you consult a professional iPhone repair technician as he will first diagnose the problem and then help you fix it comfortably. In addition to repairing your iPhone, iPhone repair services providing companies also offer 60-90 days warranty to their customers. 

As mentioned, the part of iPhone which gets affected due to frequent collisions and falls in the screen, if you are in the state of Atlanta and you have an iPhone with a damaged screen, then there is nothing to worry about. Because you will find numerous iPhone repairing shops in Atlanta who also repair iPhone screens. iPhone Screen Repair is being done with great care. The shops which carry out the repairing job have the modern and latest phone lcd repairing equipment with them which allows them to repair the screen with utmost perfection. The most crucial part of the iPhone screen is the LCD, when it comes to repairing the LCDs, these shops have the expert technicians who would make sure that the issue is being fixed. Broken screen is another very common issue with iPhones, this part can also be taken care of by the phone lcd repairing machine .

Las personas que actualmente participan en la reparacion de pantallas LCD como una importante fuente de ingresos deberían beneficiarse del crecimiento explosivo en el plasma y la televisión de pantalla de cristal líquido (LCD TV) industria. Las tecnologías, que son probablemente muy cerca de su punto más alto, se ha vuelto tan barato que más y más personas están descartando sus tubo de rayos catódicos por lo general engorroso y voluminosos televisores (CRT) y obtener su energía y eficiente del espacio homólogos de pantalla plana.

Lo que esto significa es que hay una probabilidad muy alta de alta demanda de servicios relacionados con este nicho en particular, en particular, la demanda de plasma y reparacion de pantallas LCD.

La esperanza de vida de LCD depende de sus componentes de iluminación de interiores de calidad. Una vida media de una pantalla LCD puede ser ordinaria 40.000 horas, por ejemplo. El principal problema con el televisor LCD es las manchas de píxeles. A veces, un píxel en particular deje de responder o funcionamiento, esto significa que el transistor del píxel en particular tiene la culpa.

Estos píxeles pueden ser de diferentes colores tales puntos negros, blancos, verdes, rojas o azules en la pantalla.

- Cada vez que vemos píxel de color blanco y negro, que indica que el píxel está muerto.

- Una mancha roja, azul y verde indica que los píxeles se han pegado en la pantalla y no se está llevando a cabo cualquier función.

En algún píxel puede pegarse a una determinada posición o se convierten en muertos. Esto interrumpe la experiencia visual del usuario y hace que sea frustrado. Este problema no es complicado y puede ser fijo. Su cercano Centro de Reparación de TV LCD puede ayudarle a reparar su producto a un mejor estado de funcionamiento.

Tenga en cuenta que estos juegos son basados ​​en microprocesador, al igual que lo que usamos en la computadora. Cuando nos encontramos con nuestra pantalla de TV LCD muertos o no responde tenemos que acaba de reiniciar de nuevo.

En el caso de la pantalla en negro la conexión de los cables se debe comprobar correctamente. Cualquier conexión floja de la pantalla LCD puede perturbar el funcionamiento. También las partes internas, como lámpara de TV, componente de la proyección posterior o el panel LCD podría dañarse.

Lista de algunas de las soluciones de problemas y la Televisión LCD: -

No hay audio, flash y pixel problema - Esto puede suceder debido a problemas de comunicación DDC. Puede ser su cable HDMI no está conectado. Trate de usar cable corto para una mejor calidad de imagen.

Foto va y viene - Esto sucederá cuando uno más canales de video TMDS tienen alta tasa de errores de bit o no funcionan eficazmente. Para evitar este problema puede utilizar cables de mejor calidad con los cables más grandes.

Destellos en la imagen - Esto se produce debido a un problema en la transmisión. Pruebe con un nuevo cable en cada posición a lo largo del camino único.

Vuelva a colocar la pantalla de cristal líquido - Instalar una nueva pantalla LCD si se muestra vetas a través de la imagen. Fractura en uno de los sustratos de pantalla (capa de base) podría plantear este problema.

LCD ofrece una imagen nítida, clara y altamente sensible como las pantallas utilizan filas de estructuras cristalinas cuidadosamente controladas. En algunos casos algunos televisores LCD están fabricados con defectos que los hacen entran en el programa de reparación en un período temprano. En este caso el cliente puede ponerse en contacto directamente con el fabricante. Ya se trate de cualquier marca Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG o Hitachi, se obtendrá sustituido o reparado por los técnicos en la garantía disponibles.

Repairing your iphone LCD is easy for a well trained expert. If you are familiar with many kinds of electronic equipment, then you may be able to do your own iphone lcd repair machine, even if you haven't had formal training.Today, a liquid crystal display (LCD) is flat and thin that is used in the iPhone. It is very energy efficient, results in less eye strain, can save space, and is light weight. Considering the normal wear and tear it is likely that you will need to do an iphone LCD repair at some point during its lifetime.

To conduct an iphone LCD repair you will first need to understand the symptoms prior to making an attempt to open the iPad. With the manual you should go over each part of the iphone and their functions. Many users' manuals have a troubleshooting section for your ready reference. There are some problems that can be solved without having to open the iphone which include what is known as a stuck or dead pixel. This usually appears as a small red, blue, green, or black spot on the screen. To fix this, you'll have to turn the power off of the iphonescreen and then place some pressure to the dead pixel by tapping on the spot using any solid object that won't scratch the screen.

If your iphone LCD screen is blank or the screen only shows one part that is dark while the other is bright, or if you see the pink or red colors that dominate the screen, tearing lines or rippling patterns, it means that the problem is internal so the iphone will have to be opened in order to effect the iphone screen repair. Separate the front shell of the screen from the back shell carefully in order to avoid any damage to the iphone lcd repair machine. After you have removed the screen from the screen stand, lay the main part face down on a smooth flat surface.

You will have to have your voltage tester, adhesives, cutters, small screwdrivers, and soldering tools at the ready. After you have successfully opened the iphone lcd repair machine, focus on crack boards, liquid discharge, bulging capacitors, and burnt parts. When you are conduction an iphone screen repair these types of problems will require parts replacement. An equivalent series resistance (ESR) meter is quickly capable of detecting defective capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors that are damaged are frequently the cause of iphone lcd repair machine breakdowns. After you have replaced the damaged parts, simply put everything back together and the iphone lcd repair machine is complete.

You will need your cutters, soldering tools, small screwdrivers, adhesives, and voltage tester. Once you have opened the iPhone, focus on burnt parts, bulging capacitors, liquid discharge, and cracked boards. When you are conducting an iPad screen repair these types of problems will require parts replacement. There are special meters that are rapidly able to detect defective capacitors. Damaged capacitors that are electrolytic are often the cause of iPhone LCD breakdowns.

Repairing your iphone LCD is easy for a well trained expert. If you are familiar with many kinds of electronic equipment, then you may be able to do your own iphone lcd repair machine, even if you haven't had formal training.Today, a liquid crystal display (LCD) is flat and thin that is used in the iPhone. It is very energy efficient, results in less eye strain, can save space, and is light weight. Considering the normal wear and tear it is likely that you will need to do an iphone LCD repair at some point during its lifetime.

To conduct an iphone LCD repair you will first need to understand the symptoms prior to making an attempt to open the iPad. With the manual you should go over each part of the iphone and their functions. Many users' manuals have a troubleshooting section for your ready reference. There are some problems that can be solved without having to open the iphone which include what is known as a stuck or dead pixel. This usually appears as a small red, blue, green, or black spot on the screen. To fix this, you'll have to turn the power off of the iphonescreen and then place some pressure to the dead pixel by tapping on the spot using any solid object that won't scratch the screen.

If your iphone LCD screen is blank or the screen only shows one part that is dark while the other is bright, or if you see the pink or red colors that dominate the screen, tearing lines or rippling patterns, it means that the problem is internal so the iphone will have to be opened in order to effect the iphone screen repair. Separate the front shell of the screen from the back shell carefully in order to avoid any damage to the iphone lcd repair machine. After you have removed the screen from the screen stand, lay the main part face down on a smooth flat surface.

You will have to have your voltage tester, adhesives, cutters, small screwdrivers, and soldering tools at the ready. After you have successfully opened the iphone lcd repair machine, focus on crack boards, liquid discharge, bulging capacitors, and burnt parts. When you are conduction an iphone screen repair these types of problems will require parts replacement. An equivalent series resistance (ESR) meter is quickly capable of detecting defective capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors that are damaged are frequently the cause of iphone lcd repair machine breakdowns. After you have replaced the damaged parts, simply put everything back together and the iphone lcd repair machine is complete.

You will need your cutters, soldering tools, small screwdrivers, adhesives, and voltage tester. Once you have opened the iPhone, focus on burnt parts, bulging capacitors, liquid discharge, and cracked boards. When you are conducting an iPad screen repair these types of problems will require parts replacement. There are special meters that are rapidly able to detect defective capacitors. Damaged capacitors that are electrolytic are often the cause of iPhone LCD breakdowns.

With the number of mobile devices in the market increasing on a daily basis, the necessity for repair of these devices increases, too. Separating the shattered layer of glass from the LCD displays of mobile devices is arduous at best, and at worst, can result in damage or destruction of the LCD. While it's possible to perform this task without the use of special equipment, it can be very time-consuming and laborious. Precious time you could be using to fulfill other job orders and generate more sales for your business. 
Determining the best way to remove broken glass from LCDs was a major dilemma -- until now. Using innovative cooling technology, the LCD Freezing Separator Machine is going to be a game-changer for large and small repair shops alike. Exposing the LCD to the frigid -130C temperatures causes the glass and LCD to lose their bond, allowing the broken glass to fall away. What you're left with is a clean, unharmed LCD screen. This method is highly preferable over trying to pry the screen cover off -- this can result in scratches and gouges on the LCD and the possibility of cuts and abrasions for the technician. 
Using the LCD Freezing Separator Machine is a breeze -- you simply place the LCD face-down in the freezing compartment, wait the recommended amount of time and then remove it. The glass will have miraculously separated, so all you're left with is the LCD, ready for its new glass cover! The extreme cold does not harm the electronics, nor does it create moisture or condensation on or inside the LCD. 
If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity and further protect your clients' products, you will find the LCD Freezing Separator Machine to be indispensable. Within a few months' time, it will have paid for itself, and you will see an increase in your efficiency and revenue.

Smartphones have become a must have gadget these days. Modern smartphones pack incredible computing power and sophisticated components in a very compact, thin and lightweight body. With each successive generation, the smartphones are becoming slimmer and bigger as well, thanks to the trend of bigger screens.
Increasing complexity of smartphones
High-end smartphones are incredibly complex devices as it requires quite a bit of technical wizardry to pack all those components in a slim case. Phones such Apple's iPhone series and the latest Samsung Galaxy devices feature large displays with a very thin body.
As phones get bigger and thinner, they also get difficult to hold in hands properly as well. As a result, broken phone displays due to mishandling of large phones is becoming increasingly common.
Modern phone displays are attached to the phones using complex techniques. This increasing complexity of smartphones poses unique problems for their repair in case of a broken or damaged display. Repair of these large LCD touchscreen displays is a very intricate task as the slightest error in handling the phone while removing the touchscreen can damage the phone's components and render the phone unusable. Removal of the LCD displays is also a very time consuming task requiring long periods of careful hand-eye coordination by a skilled worker.
LCD Touchscreen Display Separator Machine for easy screen removal
The LCD touchscreen display separator machine is an incredibly handy device for removing high-end smartphone touchscreen displays from phones in minimal time and with maximum efficacy.
Using the touchscreen separator machine, the LCD displays of phones with broken screens can be removed quickly and safely. The operator of the machine has to simply place the phone in the machine and operate the machine. The machine is easy to operate and requires minimal skill and training. It is also compact, handy and easy to maintain.
The LCD display separator machine is compatible with all modern smartphones and has been specially designed for Apple iPhones (iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6) and high-end Samsung smartphones (the Galaxy series including Galaxy 3, Galaxy 4, Galaxy 5, Galaxy Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4). Removing the giant LCD displays of these phones manually is very risky and time-consuming. Automation of the LCD display removal process eliminates any unnecessary damage to these expensive phones due to rough handling.
Repairing of smartphones is a fast-increasing market and with more and more of these expensive phones getting out of warranty, the demand for phone repair services is increasing. Replacement of broken LCD displays is also one the most frequent services sought from phone repair shops these days. Having the right tools, such as the LCD screen separator machine, is extremely important for an efficient and profitable smartphone repair operation.
LCD screen separator machines dramatically simplify the most complex task involved in repair and replacement of phone displays, thereby increasing the productivity of the modern smartphone repair shop.

Everyone treasures their iPhone and they will do everything to protect the integrity of their iPhones from all possible damage. One of the most vulnerable components on all iPhones is the screen because it is exposed to all forms of damage even in the presence of screen protectors. Moreover, the sad fact is that iPhone LCD’s get broken quite often for different reasons. However, when that inconveniencing breakage does occur, there is no need to worry about getting your iPhone to the factory for repair. This is because there is a simple and potent solution that can save you all this hassle and that solution is OCAMaster iPhone LCD repair machine.

Based on the above, this article endeavors to introduce the OCAMaster iPhone LCD repair machine and how smart phone professionals can use it to save you precious time and get your screen repaired within a short time as opposed to having to ship it back to the factory. The article will discuss the main features of this all-in-one machine from WillHi Company and how these features benefit you as an iPhone user and owner.

§ Separation of broken glass: This salient feature forms the core of the functionality of this iPhone LCD repair machine in restoring your broken iPhone screen. The feature enables the screen repair profession to separate the broken LCD from the iPhone thus paving way for the replacement process to commence.

§ OCA glue pasting: This salient feature is also instrumental in the LCD repair process. It enables the professional to perform the glue pasting process automatically and hence the entire screen replacement process is expedited and hence you are the beneficiary because you save on precious time. Additionally, the automatic process offers you better quality compared to manual glue pasting.

§ Vacuum removal of bubbles: This is another feature that ensures that as your iPhone screen is being replaced, it is done without any interference from bubbles. This means that this iPhone LCD repair machine offers you a better output compared to manual processes. Additionally, the machine creates a protective atmosphere round your iPhone.

§ High pressure lamination: This feature ensures that you get the best screen replacement quality. This iPhone LCD repair machine achieves all this for you by ensuring that after the installation of the new LCD screen, the screen retains its original sensitivity to touch and smoothness by subjecting it to a high pressure lamination process.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if the LCD of your smartphone is broken? A malfunctioned or broken LCD needs repair, refurbishing or replacement. The vacuum oca lamination machine is a newly introduced product in the market that utilizes modern technology to repair broken LCD of smartphones. Whether iPhone, Samsung, HTC or any other brand smartphone, the OCA laminator leaves your LCD fully functional and with no hitch. Why the Vacuum oca lamination machine?


It employs sophisticated technology

This laminating machine combines the best LCD repair technology for effective results on the LCD touch screen. It brings together the OCA laminator and bubble removing with complete automation. This multitasking ability makes it not only suitable for refurbishing and repairing LCD but also removing bubbles during and after the process. The vacuum oca lamination machine incorporates a Dual core MCU digital temperature Controller. This temperature regulator ensures that the laminating machine is not exposed to the risk of severe temperature changes, thus its suitability for use over a wide temperature range of between 10-40 degrees Celsius. Previous lamination models made use of the servo motor in refurbishing of the LCD. This is a mechanized and hard method that often resulted in further unwarranted damage to the LCD. However, the new Vacuum OCA laminator uses the air pressure method to laminate. This is a relatively soft method compared to the servo motor and does not damage the LCD. This machine also has a unique ability to laminate the LCD less than seven inches. It��s made with high quality aluminum which gives it strength and a light weight thus stabilizing its performance. It’s ideal for lamination of rough and smooth surfaces as well. 

The laminator is affordable

The machine combines the LCD laminating and bubble removing abilities. Purchasing two separate machines for the same qualities will be expensive. The cost of LCD touchscreen lamination is deemed to be very cheap. The Vacuum oca laminator is sizeable and low in weight. It can therefore be shipped easily to the buyer at a low cost after placing an order. 

The laminator is easy and fast to use

With the Vacuum oca lamination machine, LCD smartphone repair, refurbishing and replacement has been made fast and easy. The machine is easy to operate through a single key and the entire lamination process is completed automatically, making it simple and time efficient. 

In this era of constant communication and use of classy electronic gadgets, repair, refurbishing and lamination of LCD is in high demand. To become an LCD repairing technician, you don’t need to be exceedingly skilled. With the Vacuum oca lamination machine, you can easily accomplish this and sell your services. Purchasing this laminator would definitely be an informed decision. 

This article is about LCD Repair Machine, which LCD or stands for (Liquid-Crystal Display) which displays flat panel. Display’s visual electronic or display’s video using the light modulating properties of a liquid crystal. Liquid crystals don’t emit direct light. Our Technology level up every year, our gadgets won’t work without LCD. LCD consumes low rates on our electricity. Now we have this LCD Repair Machine which makes our gadgets fix easily and faster. This LCD is useful in a wide ranged computer monitor. LCD screen is efficient in energy and was dispose safer than CRT. 


LCD has a wider screen than a CRT. In 2008 sales of LCD television exceeds its sale of CRT worldwide, and made CRT obsolete in more purposes. LCD has a advantages and disadvantages, advantage is its very light and very compact. Disadvantage is losing of contrast in a higher temperature. LCD Repair Machine separates our LCD perfectly and it fits perfectly and has a capability of separating the LCD’s screen. Separating the LCD with this machine makes more simple and convenient and works in any kind of mobile or gadget. This heat plate was made by the integrative alloy aluminum which distributed by the heat condition. It has an adjustable fixed tool which holds the replaced parts with this machine firmly. 


This LCD Repair Machine capability of repairing is Dim Displaying, un-functional back lights, un-functioned inverter, total black and white display, and across display lines. It has its own weaknesses which can’t be solved like stuck and total dead pixel. LCD Repair Machine has a equipment’s too: Lamination or delamination, Autoclave, Bonding of Tab, Spectra Scan, Konica Minolta Cs and LS, Test Bed Fixtures, Soldering/ Desoldering and rework Station, Microscopes detailed soldering works, 1000 class clean room and class 100 clean benches. 


This machine can also soften a glue loca because it has a preheater and it can remove glue and polarize film after you separate the LCD and like a glue removing machine. But on this kit air compressor and vacuum pump is not included. Here some tips on how to use this so called LCD Repair Machine;


1. Vacuum Laminating - start the key of the machine to easily operate it. You can set the relative parameters. 

2. Parameter – device power: is AC 110 – 240 V, work pressure : 0.2 – 0.3 Mpa, fit way : Flat lamination. Heat Mode : Thermostat heater

3. Autoclave – heats fast your equipment, precise the temperature which is set automatically, when it’s over temperature it shut down the protection, safe.

4. Built in Vacuum Pump - this machine don’t have external air compressor. Machine equipped by the right upper plate, regulator valve and conveniently operates.

Cellular phones are pretty much a necessity nowadays that many people can't live without it. Since phones are becoming a part of our daily routines, there are many different phone models coming from different brands. People are very keen when it comes to their cell phones, and they really take care of it like it's a piece of glass. But, sometimes, no matter how much we take care of our phones, there will really come a time that we accidentally lose our grip or they fell off our bags which leaves them broken.

One of the very most common damage of a broken phone is a cracked LCD screen, which really needs repair from a repair shop. A shop should have a broken cellphone LCD separator machine to help separate the broken pieces of the screen from the working ones on touch screen phones.

The machine has two main components, and these are the hot plate and the clamps. It works by heating up the hot plate at your desired temperature, and once it is hot enough, you can place the damaged screen on the hot plate with the four clamps on each side. Then, after about a minute, you can slide the wire located between the broken glass and the LCD.

If you have a repair shop, it is very important that you have the best LCD separator machine because your clients will really look for a quality service and you can only offer such if the equipments you are using in repairing the broken phones are of high quality.

The OCAmaster offers LCD separator machines that are very much useful and easy to use when it comes to repairing broken LCDs. As a matter of fact, the machines that they are selling are already tested and proven by many repair shops when it comes to broken LCDs. The OCAmaster broken cellphone LCD separator machines come in different brands, sizes, and specifications.

One machine that the company is offering does not even provide heat separation, but rather uses a-150C freezing point to separate the LCD instead of heat. With all the different separator machines that the company is offering, you will surely have the best pick that is suitable for your needs and repair shop.

The company also guarantees the highest quality products as well as a great 24-hour service. If you order from the company, you can be sure of a quick deliver both for local and international orders. You may visit OCAmaster at http://ocamaster.com/.

Lamination is a technique to strengthen a material by applying multiple coatings or layers. The finish material, called the laminate, has improved properties in terms of strength, durability, and stability. The process of lamination involves repeatedly heating, welding, or using adhesives on the material.

Lamination has a lot of uses, though the most common is through manufacturing of papers. Laminated papers provide more durable uses and doesn’t get creased easily. Lamination is also used at repairing smart phones and mobile gadgets. This is particularly used in repairing cracked LCD screens. One needs to use a lamination machine in order to do this process.

One of the most famous machines used in lamination is the OCA lamination machine. It is being distributed by OCAmasters. It features a built in compressor, vacuum pump, and air bubbles remover to help enhance the properties of the finish product. The OCA lamination machine also has an LCD controlling system and has an easy, one-button start for the lamination process. It is good at repairing smartphones and apple mobile products that are smaller than seven inches.

The OCA lamination machine is easy-to-use, and is available for operation using different languages. It has a built-in English, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish language to help widen its area of use. Being the latest machine of the OCAmaster, the OCA lamination machine is accurate and is very user-friendly. It can be used for soft lamination and still produce durable products that does not break easily. They OCA lamination machine also has a five-litter autoclave that is capable of handling 20 pieces of products at once. It is accurate for up to plus or minus 0.1 degrees. Surely, the OCA lamination machine is one of the best equipment to be used for lamination processes.

LCD screens that are repaired using the OCA lamination machine are free from cracks and are more durable because of its enhanced properties. No visible bubbles can be seen after the lamination process, and it can be done in a short amount of time. You just put the screen into the machine, press the button, and wait for it to finish its process.

The OCA lamination machine provides efficient and effective means of lamination through the use of the latest technology. If you want to improve the process of repairing your broken LCD screens for your smart phones and apple products, then take the OCA lamination machine as one of your choices for the product that can do the job.

LCD repair machine---This is a high quality,stylish,modern and newest repair machine that is perfect for all kinds of mobile repairs..This wonderful and lovely machine separates the LCD from the touch screen.The machine have been updated and modernized to standards.It is the best choice since it produces low noise and is economical.Its features,benefits and advantages are outlined below.

Features of LCD repair machine-Has a touch screen which ease operations.-It has a constant heating temperature.-The machine is clean and dust free.-Its case is metallic.-Has air compressor,glue and air bubble remover.-Made up of stylish and appealing design.

-Its suction power hold the screen firmly.
-Has accurate and steady heat temperature.-Mostly comes with it operation guide/manual that gives all operation procedures and instructions.
-Has fixed tools that hold firmly the device you want to repair.-It does not require modules.
-Has an advance temperature controller which is very useful while repairing various devices.Even at high temperature,this repair machine does easy out of shape.Since it has LED display,you are able to get clear information on it. 
-The machine display shows the setting temperature as well as the actual temperature.NOTE:you should not set this machine temperature to more than 100 degrees Celsius as high temperature may destroy its screen. 

Advantages and benefits of LCD repair machine(1)It is easy to operate since the machine have a simple structure.(2)This high quality machine is also efficient more than any other screen machine.(3)With high vacuum degree,it really makes work easy.(4)It is durable hence last for a long period of time.(5)The machine does not require and kind of setting.You just plug the power and press the buttons to boot and do all you need to do with it.(6)It retains the value of your money based on the services it offers.(7)It is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones thus the best choice for mobile repair.
(8)It have a metal case which shows how quality it is.(9)The machine is made from the latest high efficiency and automatic technology.(10)It is convenient and strong enough to meet all your repair needs.

This is a very useful machine especially to those who are used to it.With this machine,there is no need of acquiring the entire assembly if your phone screen has cracked.If you are looking for a good iphone repair machine,i high recommend LCD repair machine for you.


What is an LCD separator machine?

LCD separator machine is meant for removing the damaged glass from the surface of LCD. This is meant for touch screen phones whose LCDs are in working conditions. With the help of the machine the piece glued to the LCD of your phone is removed or repairs, unlike common assumption that LCD is repaired.


Why do you need such a machine?

In most of the cases, the screen of your phone gets damaged. In most of the cases, the LCD is not damaged but the glass over it. By doing this, you are going to save a lot of money. 

Generally, you need this machine for removing the glass over the LCD of your phone without harming the LCD and the digitizer. Most of the new phones have all the three components Viz. glass, digitizer, and LCD are glued together. It may pose a little challenge for you, but you will be able to do it with the help of the machine.


How does it work?

This machine has two components which are clamps and hot plate. You just need to heat up the machine to the desired temperature. You can see the temperature on the display panel of the machine. As the display panel shows the desired temperature, you need to put the damaged screen assembly on the hot plate. With the help of the clamps, you can clamp the LCD with the assembly. After removing the broken glass, you can remove the wire between LCD and the glass. 


Recent trends of these machines

This section is dedicated to different types of LCD separator machines available in the market today.


LCD separator with vacuum pump

This is a manual type of LCD separator. With the help of the machine, you need to wait for the heating up of the hot plate until it reaches the desired temperature. Then you are going to remove the glass from the LCD.


Automated LCD separator

As the name suggests, the machine determines the desired temperature required to remove the glass from an LCD without your manual intervention. You don’t need to remove the glass from the screen. The machine automatically does the work. 


Screen repair machines

Some of the machines available in the market are called repairing machines. These machines also do the same work as the concerned machines do. 



Removing the glass from the LCD is a cost effective process. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to completely replace your screen. You just need to remove the glass.

In any smartphone, the LCD display or the device’s screen is one of the most fragile components. Because of the dynamic use of smartphones, they are often changing hands, being put in and out of pockets and almost constantly located in some state of motion, which can easily lead to the same device falling to the ground or hitting some hard object. In these scenarios, the LCD display can get broken or cracked, which often meant that the entire device became useless, even if the rest of its components worked perfectly fine. 

But, thanks to a company called OcaMaster, there is an effective and tested way of repairing any damaged LCD display on a smartphone. Using their LCD repair machine represents the definite way of resolving the issue of a broken or cracked display. This is the reason why the company enjoys such popularity with phone service and repair shops and why their every LCD repair machine the company made creates an indispensable tool for the people engaged in this field. The OcaMaster Company is a manufacturing business that provides a range of products and machines used for LCD refurbishing. Thanks to their dedication to providing high-quality products at affordable prices, the company has a strong presence in Europe, but also in North America and South America, where their machines continue to provide an excellent service to their operators. 

One of the most popular products in their offer is the OcaMaster LCD repair machine. This machine is utilized with the purpose of separating a damaged or broken LCD screen from the rest of the components that make up the whole LCD display. With plenty of experience and knowledge about the mobile phone industry, these machines are equally effective with brands like Samsung or the Apple’s iPhone, but they can also be used for practically any other smartphone model. Here, an LCD repair machine represents the essential first step when it comes to repairing or refurbishing LCD screens. In this phase, the company offers two methods of effective separation of the broken glass from the display. The first method includes a freezing process while the other one is based on a hot separation principle.

The freezing separation takes place when the broken display is put in a specialized freezer where it is cooled to a minus 150 degree Celsius for the duration of one minute. Because of the low temperature, the glue used on the glass will lose its adhesive properties, allowing for a very easy separation. This process is ideal for large repair businesses that take care of 300 LCD displays a day or even more than that.

The hot separation, on the other hand, represents a method where the broken LCD display is placed on a specially heated plate and left there for around 60 seconds. The same plate acquires a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius when the warmth melts the glue that binds the glass with the rest of the LCD display, without damaging the rest of the display components. Once this is done, a cutting wire is employed to separate the two layers, making the method extremely affordable. 

With these sound methods, it is clear that anyone who possesses an OcaMaster LCD repair machine will be able to provide an excellent LCD display repair service.

If you are to repair LCD screens or other available gadgets like cracked TV or computer LCD screen and so forth, you have a few choices on the best way to go about it. With a genuine instructor or educator who can show you step by step and you can inquire and cooperate continuously, then you ought to try for a training course being offered in professional schools in your area. One great point of interest of this course of LCD repair preparing is the LCD repair machine input when you go to the commonsense part of the course. Your instructor will have the capacity to bring up just about right away what you are doing right or off. You will likewise have the capacity to get lessons from the knowledge of alternate scholars that are with you and have the capacity to develop affinity with similar-colleagues that can serve as a specialized to help organize that can prove to be useful later on when you go into full time practice with your LCD repair machine.

An alternate inconvenience of a classroom setting is that you might not have enough time to go through all parts of the specialized parts of hardware repair. What they typically show you are the basics and the critical propelled standards however some stuff may be forgotten in light of time requirements.

What you will require essentially is a LCD repair machine with a web guide and you could be headed to turning into a LCD screen repair expert. Keep in mind however that you won't have a percentage of the livens that classroom courses have. You will likewise not have moment criticism from a master teacher so you will most likely need to be some more careful and take deliberately slower steps in your planning toward oneself learning to use LCD repair machine.

After a hard day's work in the office, it is always relaxing just to lie down on the couch and entertain ourselves with our favorite channel or serial. Nowadays, you can even use some channels on television as a means of education for your children. So, it is no wonder that when our trusted television malfunctions, we immediately call LCD repair machine expert.

The new generation televisions have many advantages over the older types- they are more energy efficient and hence environmentally healthier and of course, they have a better picture quality and many other features not found in the older types of televisions. Consequently, with a broken old LCD repair machine, consider purchasing a new one. On the other hand, if your broken LCD repair machine is of the new generation, then opt for repair. 

There are also many other advantages in choosing to repair your TV instead of buying a new one. The main factor is that it will cost you less money to repair your LCD repair machine than buying a new one. 

Reasons you should hire LCD repair machine expert
It is widely known that these devices contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and you would be doing your bit to help the environment if you repair your TV rather than dumping it and releasing harmful chemicals. Besides, if you want to save yourself some money, then you could always do-it-yourself troubleshoot the problem with your LCD repair machine. There are many self-help guides on the internet for repairing your LCD television. In this way, you just might acquire a new interesting hobby or pursue it to make a little cash on the side.

Normally, many different brands of LCD repair machines can be repaired very quickly by experts. Hence from now onwards if you face any kind of problem with your LCD device, then do not forget to contact experts and get your TV repaired in a very less time.

The LCD separator machine from OCAMaster is a fantastic device. This device is used for separating broken LCD screens from the rest of the cracked display. This works for iPhone, Samsung, or any brand of smartphone you might have. Older phones are typically the best type of phone to use this with, though you can do it with any phone. 

The Need for an LCD Separator Machine 

Many phones have damaged screens because glass is a very susceptible material. This is especially true with Samsung phones as they use a special type of screen, where the material is attached to the digitizer -- and then glued to the lens. This presents a challenge when the lens gets damaged. So to avoid having to replace the entire display, we can simply remove the glass and preserve the phone's functionality. 

Separation Methods 

There are two ways to separate a broken LCD: frozen and hot separation. You can use hot separation by placing the broken LCD display on a heated plat for roughly one minute. The plate should be heated to 90 degrees Celsius. The glue will slowly melt between the glass and the display. Then, use a cutting wire to fully separate these two pieces. The other option is freezing LCD separation, which uses a freezer at below 150 degrees Celsius. Place your LCD display in the freezer for one minute. The glue will slowly unstick, so that you may then separate the LCD from the glass surface. 

OCAMaster LCD Separator Machine

The OCAMaster 5-in-1 LCD repair machine does this whole process for you. Including an iPhone frame lamination with complete set molds, you can apply this device to any model of iPhone. It includes a built-in vacuum motor to separate the LCD and glue remover/polarizer remover. In addition, you'll receive a full year unlimited warranty and lifelong customer service should you need to repair or replace the unit. 

The great thing about using this device is that it saves you needing to use the freezing/heated technique for removing your LCD screen. You can do repairs much faster on phones, and if you are a small business owner running a smartphone repair shop, this device must be on your equipment list. While LCD separators come in numerous types and functionality offerings, you'll need to think about a few basic things. First, which machine is best for your needs? How much is within your budget? Do you need an LCD separator for just a few phones, or many? Will you be using it for just one type of smartphone? 

Price Factors

Price is of course a premium consideration in choosing an LCD separator. These devices cost as low as $50 and end at around $2500 depending on which features you choose. The average cost of a separator is $200. OCAMaster ships free to North America and Europe, so you can generally receive your item within just a few days. In addition, you'll receive a blade, Allen wrench, and power cable as part of the full package for the LCD separator.


In the end, an LCD separator can be a great device to speed up screen repair for your small business, or simply your own personal needs. The device makes its easy to remove the screen and replace it with a new and better one. If you're serious about the best cell phone repair techniques, consider an LCD separator to make the process fast, painless, and efficient.


If you are looking for a lamination machine that you can rely on, you do not have to search anymore. The new Oca Lamination Machine comes with features that make your work both easy and enjoyable. If you are searching for a machine that can bring you more clients for your business and help you to keep the already existing ones, this is what you need. Here are some of the most notable features.


The ease of use


Although there are many features on this lamination machine, you will be surprised to find out that it is one of the easiest to use especially when you have large project to work on. The latest models have automated features meaning that you have very little to do as long as you set up your project perfectly. With an amazing display and a touch screen you can be sure that no matter how many items you want to laminate, you will find it quite easy.


The speed


The new Oca Lamination Machine is without a doubt one of the fastest machines of recent times. When tested by experts, it proved that it can laminate more items in an hour than most of the lamination machines that you can find in the stores. This makes it the perfect choice for business owners who have many clients and those who receive bulk project that been to be completed in a short duration. 


The durability


One of the most notable things about this lamination machine is its quality. The parts have been made from high quality materials which guarantee that it will last long. If you have ever used a lamination machine before, you understand from experience that there are different kinds of conditions under which they are likely to be used. If they are not strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions, they definitely will not last long. This, however, should be nothing to worry about once you get this machine.


As you can see, the new Oca Lamination Machine comes with many features that give you value for your money. They also are easy to maintain since they do not break down so easily. Even when they do develop minor faults, they are very easy to fix as long as you find a qualified technician. The spare parts are also available in the markets to add on the fact that the machine is fairly priced compared to the other options in the stores.


An LCD separator machine is crucial to mobile LCD screen repair. It is the machine that effectively and efficiently remove the broken glass. It is very efficient in separating cracked glass from a functioning LCD on touch screen mobile phones. The two main components of a LCD separator machine is the hot plate and the clamps.

This machine, like any other separating machine, has a full proof display on its front. To use this machine to separate LCD screen; set the desired temperature of the hot plate and wait for it to heat up. When the temperatures are attained, the broken screen is placed on it. Clamping the screen using the clamps on both sides ensures that the screen is fixed. Wait for a little while, not more than a minute, then start sliding the golden wire between the LCD and the broken screen.

Not all phone are the best candidate for this kind of repair. The older phones are typically the best for this repair procedure. This is because their glass on the LCD is not fused to the LCD. Newer phones have the digitalizer, the AMOLED or the LCD glued together by the manufacturer. This makes it hard to separate them. Gluing them together helps improve the clarity of the display and no dust settles between them.

The screen is the most delicate part of a mobile phone. It is prone to damages. It can be damaged by extreme heat. You should therefor exercise caution when setting the temperature limits not to exceed the maximum requirement. LCD separator machines are more efficient than heat gun. Although it is possible to use heat guns to separate broken glass from the rest of the LCD, it takes quite some time. The chances of breaking the LCD are also high while using a heat gun than while using LCD separator machine.

After separating the LCD and the broken glass, you will require to remove the adhesive from the LCD. The best way to remove it is by use of Acetone or Gooff. You can lightly brush the excess adhesive with a soft brush. If it does not remove efficiently, you can use a plastic card to scrape it off. Do not apply too much force or make any deep cuts.

It is quite cheap to replace the broken glass only instead of replacing the whole display. If the LCD s not broken. In most cases I is only the glass that is broken. Investing in a LD separating machine is worth it.


With the many cracked screens, the phone repair business is highly growing. And possibly, you can take this great opportunity and make easier money. Any person can easily replace a cracked screen with a new one. Depending on the type of phone you are working with, you can be able to use a phone LCD repair machine to remove the lens while preserving the LCD or the digitizer or the AMOLED which are usually beneath it.

The older phones are usually better candidates for this form of repair since they fuse the glass indirectly to the LCD. However, on the base of the newer phones you are most likely to get into a situation whereby the three components are glued together during the manufacture. This design offers some additional benefits which include better clarity, lesser glare and there will be no possibility of dust or even debris getting in between the LCD and the lens.

One of the commonest parts that are highly prone to damages is the phone screen. The main problem is that when a large manufacturer releases a new phone, its components tend to be more expensive. But with time, the price of these items reduces even though in the most cases not very much. This is most likely with the Samsung galaxy phones since the AMOLED screens are more expensive to produce as compared with the LCD screens. AMOLED is usually attached to the digitizer which the manufacturer glues to the lens; most people face a greater challenge when their phone screen is damaged.

Instead of replacing the entire display assembly which is much expensive, you should work to remove the glass from the rest of the display while still preserving the full functionality of the AMOLED and the other parts. Furthermore, the manufacturer seals the parts together using a special LOCA, or liquid optically clear adhesive; you will require a special phone repair machine to do the repair.

Its purpose

Phone LCD repair machine is used to separate the glass from the entire phone display. The important thing to note about the process is that you should use a specific temperature range when removing the glass to avoid causing damages to the AMOLED. When removing the glass, the glue should be warm to allow you pry the glass away from the digitizer surface and not to warm since it can burn the digitizer. Possibly, you can remove lenses from some phones without using phone LCD repair machine but the chances of success will be very low especially when doing it for a first time.

After removing the LCD glass you should clean the digitizer surface before you apply an adhesive for the new lens. You can simply remove much of the older glue by rolling it with your fingers. After this you should apply octopus UV glue before you proceed to installing the new glass.

Ocamaster was founded in 2012. The brand started from designing and developing LCD separating machines for advanced LCD refurbishing with UV light and UV glue. For second generation models, the company started designing and developing high end laminating machines.

The company offers professional technical support and an efficient smartphone service center. Recently, the company developed the first Vacuum OCA lamination machine with in-built mini autoclave. This improves the success rate of refurbishing your smartphone.

Key Features of Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine

The Vacuum OCA lamination machine has become extremely popular in the market. This is an exceptional machine to refurbish cracked smartphones, such as Samsung and iPhone. It’s also used to refurbish and replace LCD screens.

A major portion of the work handled by this machine is laminating a glass lens on a smartphone LCD digitizer. The new model of this machine is called OM-K5. It’s a third generation machine from the company. Some key features of this machine have been discussed below.

This machine has an in-built compressor for supplying high air power to an air cylinder for lamination. The third generation machine needs an extra air compressor. Due to this, it’s convenient for customers. You don’t need to worry about extra air pipe and cable.

The machine also features an in-built vacuum pump for creating a vacuum condition while laminating the glass. The last generation machine required an extra vacuum pump, and those type of vacuum pumps always require pump oil. Due to this, the oil pumped out dirty air, and required wiring with an advanced laminating machine.

The laminating machine has an in-built autoclave for removing air bubbles. While laminating new screen on an LCD digitizer, you often notice air bubbles inside the glass. Most other models in the market need an extra autoclave for removing air bubbles. However, the new machine doesn’t require you to purchase anything extra.

Most customers love the fact the this vacuum OCA machine features a 4.8 inches touchscreen controller. It’s very easy to use and requires a one key start. In fact, the machine features three different languages, including English, Spanish and Russian.

In addition to this, it features an automatic door with leakproofness. The user doesn’t need to push the door to ensure vacuum pump is working fine. With better leakproofness and an auto mechanism, there’s no need to push the door to start lamination.

This new machine is lightweight, and saves shipping cost for a lot of buyers. The vacuum pump and compressor are silent. Thus, you don’t notice any loud noises when the machine is functioning.

Purchasing Laminator

These days, a lot of people are interested in buying a high quality laminating machine. However, choosing the best laminating machine in the market can be a tough and challenging task. A laminator is an excellent addition to your office or home. There are many different kinds of laminating machines. Whether you’re looking for a high end machine or affordable laminator, you can choose from a wide range of options.

It’s important to understand that lamination is an easy and quick way to protect your smartphone screen. Lamination protects your screen by permanently and efficiently bonding clear plastic film to the front of your screen. This makes your screen water and tear proof.

In addition to this, it also preserves your mobile’s screen from environmental damage and moisture. Contrast and color enhancement are also added to your phone’s screen. Glossy looking screens look aesthetically appealing. Lamination prevents your phone’s screen from sun damage, stains, wrinkles, fingerprints, grease and environmental concerns.

Different Types of Laminators

There are many manufacturers and models of laminating machines. As mentioned earlier, Ocamaster’s Vacuum OCA laminating machine has been extremely popular. This particular machine comes with advanced features to make sure you don’t experience any problems during lamination. In addition to this, the machine also provides you with the benefit of effortless and hassle-free lamination. Before using the machine, you should consider the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Tips for Problem Free Lamination

It is important to make sure you purchase the right kind of laminating machine to laminate your phone’s screen. Once again, you should consider the manufacturer’s guidelines. Before using the machine, you need to ensure it warms up to the right temperature. If appropriate, you can also use a card carrier. The manufacturer’s guidelines can inform you about the right steps that need to be taken for proper lamination.

It is essential to make sure the item that needs to be laminated is properly sealed. This makes sure your lamination is free from air bubbles. You shouldn’t leave any room for air to enter the device’s screen. It’s better to laminate with a room of up to 2mm. If required, you can cut down the lamination after your device has been laminated.

It is extremely important to make sure you use the correct size laminator for the job. If you use an incorrect size, it may cause poor lamination. If you are attempting to use the machine for the first time, you should try it on an old device. This helps you practice, and makes sure you don’t experience any problems while laminating your brand new phone’s screen.

You should always remember to leave proper space between every item. This makes sure you’re able to cut down excess lamination later. When you are cutting the lamination, you should leave a seal around the phone’s edge. In case you try to cut all the way to the edge of the screen, lamination may come apart. When you’re laminating irregular surfaces, such as textured or embossed originals, it is necessary to send the phone’s through the vacuum OCA machine twice. This helps you avoid wrinkles.

Ocamaster is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing laminating machines. With Vacuum OCA laminating machine, you can be assured that your phone’s screen is laminated properly. If you use the tips discussed in this post, it makes sure hassle-free lamination on your phone’s screen.

The best part about this lamination machine is that you can easily purchase it from the Internet. A lot of sellers provide you with these machine at affordable prices. Before purchasing this machine, you should look for a reputed seller in the market.

How it felt, right at the moment you bought your trendy, brand-new iPhone 6s? I believe it was an amazingly brilliant feeling. Unfortunately, you may have encountered a situation where you dropped your iPhone and its LCD screen cracked or maybe the screen stopped working completely. Really frustrating, right? But thanks to the latest technology, this shouldn’t worry you anymore.

In case you have cracked the screen on your iPhone 4, you are probably afraid to replace it. Here is the solution for this kind of problem. The answer is a Vacuum OCA lamination machine. Laminating mobile phones and other gadgets, like tablets, by replacing the broken glass pane by a new one is the basic job of this machine. It’s basically an LCD screen repairing machine. This machine comes in handy when only the glass of the mobile breaks out.

In most cases, a person will return the phone to the company or replace the LCD touch digitizers. The solution lies within this device. With the help of this machine, no need to replace the LCD digitizers or return the phone to the company.

All this machine requires is a set of glass and the job will be done in a matter of minutes. As iPhones are not much shock proof, their glass is very sensitive. Through the process of repairing, the machine separates the screen from the body and starts the replacement procedure. In the first place, the machine performs the cleaning process in order to remove all the dirt from the screen surface before placing a new piece of glass over it.

Vacuum lamination machines can use different types of glue. There are different types of adhesive that’s used to adhere the LCD and the actual glass together when re-assembling the iPhone back together. There are LOCA and LOCA2 adhesive glues that’s fairly common. LOCA stands for Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive. However, the best one is OCA, or Optically Clear Adhesive.

A typical vacuum OCA lamination machine consists of several components. These components include:

– LCD separating machine

In case of a broken screen, the separating machine ensures all the broken glass pieces are carefully removed from the body of your phone.

– Pressure meter

Pressure meter is required as it can gauge the ideal pressure required for lamination. If you have some knowledge about laminating machines, then you may know that most early machines used the servo motor for laminating. As we know, the servo motor is robotic and sturdy. However, the air pressure laminating is a soft method of applying the glass on the LCD, so the phone is safe and carefully repaired.

Vacuum pump

In order to suit the modern market needs for LCD replacements, the vacuum pump comes in handy. Vacuum-based OCA machines are recommended as these machines are quick and are automated with controls for temperature and pressure, hence reducing the risks of having your iPhone damaged.

Air Bubble Removal (Autoclave)

In order to achieve perfect bubble-free results, all modern machines have technology to remove air bubbles that may stick below the glass. Sometimes an additional machine for bubble removal is required, but with the OCA vacuum lamination machine, bubble removal and LCD laminating processes are combined.

Thanks to the new machine from OCAMASTER; broken and cracked smartphone screens will no longer be an issue
Shenzhen City, China: OCAMASTER is the premiere manufacturer of smartphone LCD repair machines. Having managed to raise the standard of innovation in the industry immediately after its inception in 2012, the company is now aiming to achieve more success with the launch of the latest version of their Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine; the OM-K5.
One of the most common issues that smartphone owners are plagued with, is the damage or cracking of their phones’ screens. A complete repair of these screens can be costly. OCAMASTER delivers a very inexpensive solution for this issue. Now you can provide your customers with affordable LCD repair services for their Apple and Samsung, and other brands’ cellphones with the help of the latest Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine.
The main function of the machine is to replace or refurbish the broken or damaged LCD screens of smartphones. The machine is capable of laminating a brand new glass lens on top of the LCD digitizer that usually remains undamaged when the screen suffers damage.
The new OM-K5 has many new features that the old version of the machine lacked. This upgraded machine has its own built-in air compressor, so the users don’t need to attach an external air supply of any kind. This feature alone makes the device much more convenient to use. It also has its own vacuum pump that negates the need of attaching a vacuum pump to the machine. The autoclave feature ensures that there are not any bubbles left inside the LCD while it is being replaced.
When speaking of this new LCD repair machine, a representative from OCAMASTER had this to say, “Our goal with this 3rd generation LCD repair machine was to produce a repair device that will be much more convenient for our clients to use. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal and have included some much needed features in the OM-K5, which were not present in the older versions of the machine.”
The OM-K5 OCA Laminating Machine also contains several other notable features; the 4.8-inch touch control panel, a leak-proof automatic door, lightweight and noiseless vacuum and compressor pumps. All of these features combine to make the OM-K5 the best LCD repair machine that OCAMASTER has produced to date.
OCAMASTER brand has become a name for itself in the smartphone repair industry due to its brilliant and innovative machines. They produce and develop unique machinery that can help with the repair of different parts of cellphones. Working with the aim to deliver the highest quality machines to their clients, they never compromise on the standard of their craftsmanship.
Contact Details
Company: Shenzhen Willhi electronics Co., Ltd
Address: 4th Floor,TianYiGe Industrial Park, No 506 of DongHuan Rd, Shajing Town,Bao'an district, Shenzhen City, China

Website: http://www.ocamaster.com/

Email: sales@ocamaster.com
Phone: +86 755 32857828
Fax: +86 755 32857828
Skype: ocamaster

Do you own a smart phone shop? Are you a cell phone service provider? Or probably are interested in the new business of repairing LCD broken glasses? You are in the right site.OM-K3 is an OCA vacuum laminating machine that repairs LCD touch screens of tablets and smart phones. It doubles up as an OCA laminator, with absolute automation as well as a bubble remover. It is the best choice for Smartphone repairs.

It came into the market at the start of the year 2014. When compared to the earlier generation LCD laminating machines, OM-K3 has a number of advantages. It has less shipping costs, does not need bubble remover autoclave and it requires no training to handle and maintain. In addition, unlike the earlier generation LCD laminating machines whose warranty was unknown, this new technology OM-K3 OCA vacuum laminating machine has a one –year warranty for the whole machine. Additionally, the prices of the latter are affordable and reasonable, hence, applicable even for smart phone repairing shops. The earlier machine applies only for big factory plants as they are very costly.

The OM-K3 laminates LCD with small sizes up to less than seven inches. This includes all the Samsung Galaxies and Notes, Iphones, Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, LG and many others. In short, OM-K3 can repair ninety nine percent of all the Smartphone LCDs smaller than seven inches and works very fast. This is due to the fact that, it combines glue heating, glass lamination and bubble remover. This combination explains why an autoclave is not needed for bubble removing.

There are four steps involved in lamination a new LCD. First, the vacuum pump is plugged into the socket on the OM-K3 OCA laminating machine. Next is connecting the vacuum outlet found on the machine to the vacuum pump. Thirdly, ensure that the tank is filled with pressure before the laminating process, after which a connection is made between the air compressor and the barometer of the lamination machine. Lastly, switch on the power button of the laminating machine and place the new laminating LCD into the machine and press start key. It takes a maximum of thirty minutes for the lamination process to be complete.

Like any other machinery, OM-K3 requires maintenances to provide efficient services. On should ensure that the silica gel ring seal found on the door of the machine is clean always. Also, the vacuum oil pump should at all times be half-way the capacity oil. For the air compressor, all the water should be drained regularly after forty eight working hours.

Are you in the smartphone repair industry? Replacing and refurbishing smartphone screens can be a challenging task especially if you do not have the right equipment. Oca vacuum lamination machine let’s you repair, replace, and refurbish smartphone screens. When you are dealing with expensive brands such as iPhones, HTC, Samsung, LG, or Nokia smartphones, a small error can be costly. Using oca vacuum lamination machine will guarantee that you get amazing results.

Getting the best oca machine can be a challenging task. This is because there are many brands available. You should therefore be careful when choosing the best machine for a smart phone repair shop. Here are tips that will help you choose the best oca vacuum machine;

Do proper research on the internet

The internet is awash with valuable information that can help you make an informed decision. By just keying in what you are interested in, you will get the best product as they are many blogs that do product review. You will also meet people who have used the particular product and they can share their individual experience. You will also be able to do a price comparison of the models that are available.

There are sites that are dedicated to product comparison. They mention the pros and cons of each product. Their prices are clearly indicated so that you can be able to do an informed purchase.

Buy you oca vacuum lamination machine online

The best place to buy an oca vacuum machine for your repair shop is through the internet. Buying your machine locally can be costly since they local store orders the item online and sell it at higher price for a profit. By buying directly, you will be able to buy the best oca machine as it wil be cheaper.

Most online stores have promotions from time to time. You may be lucky enough to buy your machine when the promotion is running which means that you will spend less.

Buy lamination machine in bulk

The best way to get a product at a lower cost is by buying it in bulk. By doing so, you will be legible to get discounts that you won’t get should you buy the product singly. The shipping costs will also be reduced as the total cost will be divided by the number units you order. If you do not need all the units for yourself, you can collaborate with a friend with the need of the machine

By following the above tips, you will get the best oca vacuum machine at a lower cost.

With the technological advancement globally and the ever rising need for people to use fine, multipurpose gadgets that can easily connect them to the whole world through such platforms as the social media, Smartphone have by a large extent taken over the market. These very convenient smart phones can sometimes be a little delicate to handle especially due to the fact that they are fitted with LCD touch screens that upon falling and hitting against a hard surface can easily break. In such an event, the owners are left with the option of taking it back to the factory or to phone repair technicians who may not be well equipped to make a satisfactory replacement of the LCD.

OCA vacuum laminator is a machine that has the ability to solve all issues relating to repairs, replacements and refurbishment of broken LCDs. This machine is innovatively made to perform a number of tasks ranging from separation of the glass that has been broken to cleaning of the LCD panel which ensures that your Smartphone LCD is free from dust once the job is done. To ensure the screen is well fastened, the machine does glue pasting. With a vacuum pump fitted the system, the machines eliminates the possibility of having any air bubbles within. This leaves a clear screen and display on your Smartphone.

The different components of the machine (which are all in one) are normally easy and fast to assemble or connect hence require little or no skills as one is adequately guided by the user guide manual. These components include;

A pressure meter

This takes the pressures readings and is automatically set to stop at the ideal pressure required for lamination.

A LCD separating machine

In case of a broken screen, the separating machine ensures all the broken glass pieces are effectively separated from the rest of the gadget.

Vacuum pump

To suit the modern market needs for LCD repairs and replacements for Smartphone, the OCA vacuum laminator comes in handy. It’s recommended for phone technicians (especially those that deal with smart phones) and even for the phone dealers who offer after sale services to their clients. In addition to being cost effective, the machine can highly boost ones business as it takes very little time to have the lCD replaced, this is normally made possible by the fact that it is highly automated with controls for temperature and pressure hence reducing the risks of having the Smartphone damaged.

This is a new form of modern technology. This gadget performs the miraculous tasks of repairing or refurbishing the damaged LCD touch screen-display of smart s mobile phones. It completes this task by filling broken gaps using the oca by applying the vacuum pressure. It is also capable of doing lamination on both the soft and rigid surfaces.

The benefits of vacuum oca-laminating machine

Oca-laminating machine uses the vacuum pressure. This pressure is used for the lamination job and also for refurbishment of the LCD screens. This factors means that the instances of LCD damage are minimal.

Another advantage this machine has, it can be able to multi task. This suitability makes it able to eliminate all bubbles during & after the process.

Oca laminating machine has a MCU Dual core digital controllers that helps the machine maintain an optimum temperature and makes it appropriate for lamination and repair or refurbishment of even the slimmest LCD’s as well.

Oca –laminating machine is a gadget made of a high quality alluminium. This is a metal that is no heavyin weight and this explains its efficiency in performance.

Easy operation via a single key, high performance, reliable after-sales service and cost effectiveness are all benefits that make vacuum oca machine the perfect choice for refurbishment and repairing works of LCD’s & lamination of smooth and rough surfaces as well.


Product Name-vacuum oca laminating machine

Power I/P- 220V/110V AC

Current Frequency: – 50 hertz

Size 31cm x 30cm x 38 cm

Material- High quality aluminum

Weight 30 approx

Heating Inbuilt MCU dual core digital controller

Operating temperature – 10-40 degrees

Warranty- 12 Months,

life span – more than 8 yrs


In this era of high performance electronic devices and fast – paced communication equipment, refurbishment, lamination and repairing of LCD’s & other expensive electronic s gadget that contain LCD are jobs of regular-demand. Purchasing this machine is a better choice since even a non skilled person can become a repair expert and earn a good income.

Multifunctional OCA laminating machine is a new technology which is currently available in the market. The machine is used for repairing and refurbishing the broken LCD screen of devices such as Tablet, Samsung, iPhone, iPad and any other electric products that have touch screen. For this machine to be more effective for a long shot, it has to go up with bubble automation and combines, to flaunt out its effect.

The machine actually works by filling up the damage gaps of the touch screen. The damage screen is fixed with the used of the vacuum pressure of the Multifunctional OCA laminating machine. This machine has an ability to perform the possible bubble-automation process in order to obtain lamination on both rough and smooth surfaces. The same procedure and processes are applied to perform lamination on other types of devices. This machine is design and structured with the use of high quality aluminum material which is used to improvise the method this machine works, and also to enable the machine to be light-weighted for portability. Vacuum pressure used to laminate the touch screen is to ensure that there is no possibility for the LCD screen to crack back up again.

Vacuum OCA laminating machine has an inbuilt capacity not only for replacing and refurbishing LCD screen but also use to replace the phone’s touch digitizer which is normally a challenging operation that is actually prone to many mistakes. Though the LCD screen is advanced, they can also get broken and are prone to shocks especially if the phone dropped from relatively high heights. The broken screen need to be separated from the phone to provide a smooth and convenient way for replacement process, and this is actually what this machine is able to facilitate.

The machine is also capable in identifying the ideal amount of OCA glue, required during the OCA glue pasting process on the panel of LCD, and it does this almost instantaneously. For the installation or replacement of new LCD screen, the process involves accumulation of bubbling, which is precipitated by pressure differences existing between the panel and the external environment. This machine handles this issue through imitation of the vacuuming process and creates a sealed layer for the mobile device. After all the process of installation, it is then imperative to laminate it under high pressure to ensure that the screen is highly sensitive to human touch.

Multifunctional OCA laminating machine does not require much technical skills to fix the device. It is capable of performing two tasks at a specific time, and is also economical, thus enhances the economy of a country.


Wollen Sie Ihr Telefon zu sanieren? Ja, mit der neuen Anwendung auf dem Markt, mit der Absicht, Ihr Telefon wie vor aussehen zu erneuern kommt und machen. Grundsätzlich unsere Telefone sind anfällig für gelegentliche Zusammenbruch, die dringende Sanierung erfordert. Es ist nicht nur der Riss auf Ihrem Telefon, die Sie benötigen die neue App macht an den LCD-Glas reparieren. Manchmal sind die LCD-Glas-Störungen wegen der vielen Faktoren, die von Wasser zu einem Ausfall der Berührungsempfindlichkeit reicht. Dies erfordert eine dringende Sanierung des LCD-Glas. Dank an die neuen LCD-Sanierung Maschine, die Ihren Bildschirm wieder normal wieder zurück.


Die neueste LCD-Refurbishment Maschine wendet Luftdruck-Methode

Um dies zu beheben zurück LCD-Glas, gilt die Sanierung Maschine Luftdruck zurück, das Bild des Telefons zurück. Das Verfahren hat eine Menge Ruf wegen seiner nicht-Einfluss auf den Bildschirm während der Sanierung. Mit dem Einsatz von Luftdruck Ihres LCD-Glas zu säubern, macht dies die neue Maschine schneller und effektiver durchführen. Die Gesamt der Maschine gemacht ist für die Verwendung von Aluminium, die es viel leichter und somit überall verfügbar macht und Ihnen zur Verfügung stehen können.

Die neue Sanierung Maschine dauert einige wenige Minuten, um Ihren LCD-Glas wieder zurück

Nur 20 Minuten und LCD-Glas sind renoviert. Die Verwendung der neuesten Technologie macht die Maschine durchführen schnell und effektiv. Die Maschine ist so konfiguriert, sowohl die Klebstoff Laminieren Merkmale und die Blase zu verwenden. Im Hinblick auf die traditionelle Methode der Sanierung im Gegensatz wird die Maschine automatisiert es einfach und schneller zu machen, Ihr Problem zu erneuern.

Erschwinglich und verfügbar

Der neueste LCD-Sanierung Gerät verfügt über Qualität und Preis. Die Preise sind gut aufgestellt unter Berücksichtigung aller wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen und die Preise der Wettbewerber. Die Maschine ist mit allen neuen technologischen Plattformen spitzte die es schneller durchführen und die Qualität aufrecht zu erhalten. Das Gewicht der Maschine ist beschrieben worden als Licht macht es leicht zu transportieren, damit verfügbar und zu Ihrer Verfügung.

Die neue Maschine kommt mit seiner Ausschließlichkeit

Als die neue Maschine auf dem Markt, haben die Designer neue Anwendungsfunktionen installiert, die die Maschine einzigartig und neu zu machen. Mit seinem geringen Gewicht, bewundernswerte Größe und der Dual-Core-Fähigkeit. Die MCU Dual-Core macht die Maschine anders als es die Maschine die Möglichkeit gibt, die thermische Wärme in der Maschine zu steuern.


Wenn Sie für eine Maschine suchen Telefon LCD-Glas zu säubern zurück, dann machen sich weniger Sorgen als die neue LCD-Sanierung Maschine ist ideal für Sie.

OCA Vakuum-Laminator-Maschine ist eine Maschine, Anzeige, wie in der letzten Zeit hat sich heute in der Wirtschaft und Innovation vorgestellt. Seine primäre Grund in das iPhone-Geschäft ist die gebrochene LCD-Bildschirme zu reparieren und wiederherzustellen. Diese beinhalten Samsung, iPad, Tablet und andere elektronische Geräte, dass die Nutzung Touchscreen Innovation. Um den Apparat möglich durch eine wirklich lange Schuss machen, läuft die OCA Abdeckung mit Lufttasche Computerisierung auf und kombiniert seine Wirkung zu zeigen, aus

Die neueste oca Vakuum Laminiermaschine nicht verpflichtet, insbesondere savvies Ihr Apparat zu ändern. In dieser Zeit der Entwicklung zu schaffen, ist es unerlässlich, eine starke Möglichkeit, die verletzt LCD-Touchscreens umzubauen, und diese OCA Maschine Mitarbeiter Sie mit einem ähnlichen Unternehmen zu schätzen und zu finden. Mehr über, führt diese OCA Maschine 2 Zuordnungen zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt. Weiterhin ist es sehr vernünftig, und verbessert die erfinde Wirtschaft eines Landes. Zunächst mag es ein wenig kosten, aber in einem langen Lauf, wäre es unterstützend zu einem großen Teil sein. Es wäre sicherlich ein kluger weiter voran den Teil der wie der spät eingerichteten Maschine vorhersehen.

OCA Vacuum Kaschiermaschine hat Topping Schwerpunkt fokussiert, wie es die Grenze mehr Besorgung hat. Es ist nicht nur verantwortlich für eine ganz neue Touch-Screen-Wiederherstellung, führt darüber hinaus die Lufttasche auf dem Bildschirm eingekreist. MCU Dual-Core-Controller als ein Stück der OCA-Maschine Helfer in Kontrolle der Temperatur verwendet, und dort auf macht es reparierbar mit nicht sinnlos zu stören. Die ganze Strategie nicht machen den Apparat hilflos auf irgendwelchen Gründen noch etwas höher ups die Ausführung des Geräts. Darüber hinaus Extras es Zeit und Geld, während die Entwicklung in jedem Punkt wächst weiter

Der Touchscreen kann durch die Kaschiermaschine repariert werden, da sie kritische Zeit in garnieren investiert von geschadet Spalte ab. Der Schaden-Bildschirm wird durch das Vakuum Gewicht von OCA Kaschiermaschine abgerechnet. Darüber hinaus hat OCA Vacuum Laminator Maschine eine Fähigkeit, die Lufttasche Computerisierung Verfahren zur Sicherung Overlay auf abstoßende Oberflächen und glatten Oberflächen sowie auszuführen. In der Nähe Strategie ist abgeschlossen zu Abdeckung auf sortierte contraptions auszuführen. OCA Vakuumlaminierungspresse Maschine ist mit einer phänomenalen Aluminiummaterial aussortiert. Das Aluminium-Material wird verwendet, um die Art und Weise diese Maschine den Erwartungen lebt bis extemporieren, weiter reduziert es leicht und genug, um auf der Maschine sonst einen Ort zu passieren, wenn es wirklich notwendig ist. Vakuumgewichtsentwicklung wird verwendet, um den Touchscreen zu überziehen, um sicherzustellen, dass es keine Wahrscheinlichkeit für den LCD-Bildschirm des contraption Schrei zu machen zurück noch einmal zu kichern.


Die Vakuum-OCA Laminiermaschine ist ein sehr seltenes Produkt, in dem für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen wie Reparatur auf verschiedenen Handys wie das iPhone, das HTC-Handy, das Samsung-Handys, die Sony-Handys und mehr verwendet werden. Ein Ort, den Sie diesen Artikel bei Amazon ist online finden können, der durchschnittliche Preis für dieses Produkt eintausend und zweihundert etwas Dollar. Es gibt verschiedene Aspekte und Merkmale zu diesem Produkt, das positive und einige sind, die negative sind. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Produkt sind unten aufgeführt.

Dieses Produkt wird gesagt, fast keine Blasen, um es zu haben und Sie nicht eine Form für sie entweder benötigen. Die gesamte Ausrüstung bei der Herstellung dieses Produkts verwendet wird SMC prieumatic Komponenten importiert. Es verfügt über einen Schlüsselstart, die es attraktiv für alle Arten von Verbrauchern macht, weil es so einfach zu bedienen ist. Die Laminierung Weise sehr flach ist und die allgemeine Qualität des Laminierungsprozesses ist alles glatt und gleichförmig, wenn sie unter Druck. Dieses Verfahren bedeutet auch, dass es keine Belastung für das Produkt oder die Maschine selbst gemacht ist.

Der Hauptaspekt über die OCA Vakuumlaminierungspresse Maschine, die für die Verbraucher ist so attraktiv ist, dass es mit der Mehrheit der Smartphones kompatibel ist, die jetzt auf dem Markt sind. Das Unternehmen, das in erster Linie um dieses Produkt verkauft wird Lopurs genannt, und sie sind auch für eine Vielzahl von anderen Produkten auch gut bekannt. Wenn Sie dieses Produkt online bestellen es in der Regel innerhalb der nächsten drei bis vier Tage nach der Bestellung bearbeitet und bestätigt wurde.

Die Maschine selbst neigt dazu, wie in alten Schule Technologie zu suchen, denken große alte Kameras und große alte Handys und großen, alten Computer alle zusammen; Schwarz und Weiß mit den Tasten und Buchsen. Es gibt Hunderte und Hunderte von Kunden gibt, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben und alles über sie geliebt. Alle von ihnen haben nur gute und positive Dinge über das Produkt zu sagen, das Unternehmen und vieles mehr. Begleiten Sie sie das Beste vom Besten in immer, wenn es um Laminieren und Telefonreparaturen kommt. Die OCA Vakuumlaminierungspresse Machine ist ein Top-Modell der und hochwertigen Qualitätsprodukt, das mit dem höchsten Maß an Kunstfertigkeit und Materialien hergestellt.

Wenn Ihr Handy-Display gebrochen wurde, und Sie haben Angst, wie es zu ersetzen? Hier ist die Lösung für diese Art von Problem. Die Antwort ist Vakuum oca Laminiermaschine. Es ist die neueste technologische Fortschritt ein auf dem Gebiet der mobilen Reparatur vorstellen konnte. Kaschieren Handys und andere Geräte durch die zerbrochene Glasscheibe durch neue ersetzt und die Laminierung zu erledigen ist die grundlegende Aufgabe dieser Maschine. Es ist im Grunde eine Reihe von LCD-machine.It ist praktisch, wenn nur der Bildschirm der mobilen ausbricht reparieren. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt konnte man entweder senden Sie das Telefon an das Unternehmen oder die LCD-Touch-Digitizer ersetzen. Die Lösung liegt mit dieser Laminiermaschine. Mit seiner Hilfe ist es nicht die LCD-Digitizer erforderlich zu ersetzen und keiner muss das Telefon an das Unternehmen zurückgeben .Die Arbeit könnte leichter und einfacher nur durch diese eine Maschine hergestellt werden. In der Tat wird es kosten, werden sehr effektiv und auch billiger.

Alles was es braucht ist ein Satz von Glas der Größe des mobilen LCD-Display und der Job wird sofort durchgeführt werden. Es ist vielseitig Arbeiten in erster Linie Glasscherben Trennung. Smartphones sind nicht viel stoßfest und wenn es bricht, durch diesen Prozess die Maschine die tatsächliche Bildschirm von den ganzen Geräte daher getrennt ist mit dem Austausch beginnen. LCD-Ebene Reinigung erfolgt von der LCD-Bildschirmoberfläche den Schmutz zu entfernen, bevor das neue Glas darüber platzieren. OCA Kleber Einfügen ist erforderlich, da eine anständige Menge an Klebstoff Einfügen erforderlich, um das neue Glas über sie .Vacuum Blase zu installieren Entfernen eingesetzt wird, um die Poren der Luft während der neuen Scheibe Einfügen Verfahren unter Verwendung der Vakuumdruck zu reinigen gefangen zu entfernen. Danach wird Hochdruck Laminieren durch Aufrechterhaltung der richtigen Druck für seine sensible Anwendungen erfordert und Handhabung speziell für den Einsatz Touch-Screen. Nach all diesen Verfahren wird der Auftrag in etwa 4 Minuten durchgeführt werden.

Das Gesamtpaket dieser Maschine enthält einen weichen bis steifen Vakuum-Laminator, an Staubsauger ein Stück Luftleitung den Luftkompressor verbindet und eine Vakuumpumpe. Sein kommt mit verschiedenen Spannungs- und Strom Spezifikation und Größen auch von den verschiedenen Mobiltelefonen abhängig. Viele Laminiermaschinen sind mit Schweigen zu bringen Maschine für leisen Betrieb der machine.This Eigenschaften macht Vakuum OCA Laminiermaschine ideal für lokale Mobilreparaturzwecke montiert.

Ein Vakuum-oca-Laminiermaschine ist eine feine Probe des fortgeschrittenen Innovation; es führt die außergewöhnliche Arbeit der Reparatur und Sanierung des Touch-Screen-Vitrine verletzt LCD an bequemen und PDAs durch die zerbrochene Split mit oca Füllung durch Vakuum Gewicht anwenden. Darüber hinaus ist es für tun Lufttasche frei Laminierung Deal mit sowohl unbeugsam und weiche Oberflächen und auf diese Weise geeignet zu vergleichbaren Arbeiten auf verschiedene Dinge durchführen.

Vorteile sind wie folgt:

oca Laminiermaschine ist mit hochwertigen Aluminium so leicht im Gewicht und sehr kompetent in der Leistung, auch wegen des geringen Gewichts dieser Maschine gemacht kann es überall ohne Schwierigkeiten gebracht werden. Als oca Laminiermaschine Vakuum Gewicht für die Laminierung und Reparatur von LCD-Bildschirmen Aufnahmen von LCD Schaden verwendet, ist gleich Null. Ein weiterer Punkt, der Präferenz dieser Maschine ist seine Multi-Tasking-Fähigkeit, die es geeignet für die Reparatur und Sanierung von LCDs sowie Entwurzelung, die steigt inmitten und nach dem Eingriff zu machen. Doppelzentrum MCU EDV-Controller als ein Teil dieser Maschine verwendet es in einer idealen Temperaturkontrolle hilft und macht sie geeignet für die Renovierung / Reparatur und Beschichtung von selbst die schlanken LCD auch ist. Hohe Leistung, einfache Bedienung durch eine einsame Schlüssel wie die viel am besten, die Kosten angemessen und solide nach Angebote Verwaltung unterschiedliche Schwerpunkte sind die oca Laminiermaschine ideal für die Reparatur und Sanierung Werke von LCDs und Laminierung von rauen und glatten Oberflächen zu machen.

In dieser Zeit des schnellen Tempo Kommunikationsausrüstung und Hochleistungs-elektronische Geräte, Reparatur, Renovierung und Laminierung von LCDs und andere LCD enthält, teure elektronische Geräte sind Anstellungen der normalen Nachfrage, wie sie es gewohnt sind. Mit oca Laminiermaschine, auch ein nicht-begabte Person könnte in einen Reparaturfach drehen und ein anständiges Leben zu erwerben, also dem Kauf dieser Maschine ist eine interessante Wahl.

Sind Sie besorgt über Ihre geknackt Handy-LCD-Bildschirm? Wenn ja, dann sollten Sie weiter für oca Vakuum Laminiermaschine aufhören, sich Sorgen ist nur eine n erstaunliche Multifunktionsmaschine, die verwendet wird Ihr LCD-Bildschirm geknackt zu sanieren. Doch mit der Innovation dieser neuen Maschine, gibt es für zusätzliche Vorsichtsmaßnahme müssen, wenn diese erstaunliche oca Vakuum Laminiermaschine kaufen. Dies liegt daran, es gibt schlampige Anbieter auf dem Markt im Namen Maschine des Verkaufs echten oca Vakuumlaminierungspresse getarnt, aber im eigentlichen Sinne, sie niedrige Qualität Maschinen verkaufen. Im Folgenden sind einige der Tipps, die Sie berücksichtigen sollten, wenn oca Vakuum Laminiermaschine zu kaufen, die Sie bei der Reparatur geknackt LCD-Bildschirme unterstützen wird:

Schauen Sie sich die Garantie der Maschine.

Bevor Sie die Maschine zu kaufen, ist es immer ratsam, bei der Gewährleistung der Maschine zu suchen. Alle echten Anbietern und Lieferanten der Maschine sollten immer beschäftigen sich mit echten Maschinen mit einigen Garantie durch die reale Unternehmen zur Verfügung gestellt. Sie werden sehen nicht ausgetrickst immer an der Garantie Ihres oca Vakuum Laminiermaschine

Führen Sie eine umfassende Preisvergleich.

Bevor Sie sich für den Kauf der Maschine beginnen, ist es immer ratsam, einen umfassenden Preisvergleich zwischen verschiedenen Anbietern und Verkäufern durchzuführen. Dies würde bei der Ermittlung des tatsächlichen Preis der Maschine helfen und helfen Ihnen auf dem fairen Deal zu begleichen.

Schauen Sie sich den Ruf des Lieferanten / Verkäufers.

Es ist immer ratsam, für Lieferanten zu gehen, wer und autorisiert von den zuständigen Behörden zugelassen sind, zu verkaufen und die Maschine liefern. Solche Lieferanten oder Unternehmen im Verkauf erlaubt und sie haben einen guten Ruf auf dem Markt. Es ist ratsam, vor dem Kauf zu erkundigen, um für niedrige Qualität und Fehlfunktion Maschinen gehen zu vermeiden. Die beste Maschine sollte immer zuverlässig und effizient sein. Sie nicht Ihre geknackt Smartphone wegwerfen. Gehen Sie einfach für lcd mit oca Vakuum Laminiermaschine zu reparieren.

Mit der Popularität von Smartphones wächst in großen Sprüngen, eine Maschine, die wie die Vakuum oca Laminiermaschine macht den Austausch des unvermeidlichen und wachsende Problem der geknackten Touch-Screens eine einfache, schnelle und zuverlässige Aufgabe auszuführen.

Die Vakuum-oca Laminiermaschine dreht, was einmal eine heikle Operation eines alltäglich Problem, in eine leicht behoben Lösung wurde durch Mechanisierung des Prozesses die Bildschirme zu ersetzen. Eine viel gleichmäßiger und sogar Reihe von Schritten verwendet werden, die in den Empfehlungen des Herstellers fallen, und der Verlust von Touch-Screen-Empfindlichkeit, wenn ein ernsthaftes Problem, wenn gebrochen oder gerissen Touch-Screens der Fixierung wird noweliminated.

Eine der verwendeten Probleme bei der Verwendung von Heißluftgebläsen zu liegen den Kleber zu entfernen, die verwendet wurde, den Digitalisierer mit dem Touch-Screen zu befestigen. Dieser oca Kleber ist sehr leistungsfähig und dichtet die Glasscheibe mit dem Digitalisierer darunter und überträgt die Berührungssignale. Wenn die Wärme zu niedrig war, wurde der Klebstoff nicht entfernt. Wenn es zu hoch war, war das Telefon wahrscheinlich beschädigt werden. Eines der Merkmale der Vakuum oca Laminiermaschine ist die Regulierung der Wärme und der Entfernungsprozess verwendet, um die alte Klebstoff zu entfernen.

Ein weiteres Problem verwendet werden, die Anwendung der neuen Touch-Screens ohne Blasen oder Staub zwischen dem Touch-Screen-Oberfläche und dem Digitalisierer bekommen.

Dies ist, wo das Vakuum oca Laminiermaschine von unschätzbarem Wert ist. Nach dem Auftragen Oberfläche der oca Leim auf die neue Touch-Screen, verwendet es Wärme und Unterdruck der neuen Touch-Screen-Oberfläche mit dem Digitalisierer zu versiegeln, in vier Minuten. Der Touch-Screen kommt blasenfrei und staubfrei dank der Vakuumumgebung der Maschine.

Smartphone-Hersteller war nicht klar, das Ausmaß des Problems, das gebrochene oder defekte Touch-Screens werden würde. Es gab eine Industrie in ihren Ersatz geschaffen. Jedoch mit der Einführung der Vakuum oca Laminiermaschine hat die Arbeit in einen effektiven und professionellen Aufgabe geworden.

Wollen Sie Ihr Telefon zu sanieren? Ja, mit der neuen Anwendung auf dem Markt, mit der Absicht, Ihr Telefon wie vor aussehen zu erneuern kommt und machen. Grundsätzlich unsere Telefone sind anfällig für gelegentliche Zusammenbruch, die dringende Sanierung erfordert. Es ist nicht nur der Riss auf Ihrem Telefon, die Sie benötigen die neue App macht an den LCD-Glas reparieren. Manchmal sind die LCD-Glas-Störungen wegen der vielen Faktoren, die von Wasser zu einem Ausfall der Berührungsempfindlichkeit reicht. Dies erfordert eine dringende Sanierung des LCD-Glas. Dank an die neuen LCD-Sanierung Maschine, die Ihren Bildschirm wieder normal wieder zurück.


Die neueste LCD-Refurbishment Maschine wendet Luftdruck-Methode

Um dies zu beheben zurück LCD-Glas, gilt die Sanierung Maschine Luftdruck zurück, das Bild des Telefons zurück. Das Verfahren hat eine Menge Ruf wegen seiner nicht-Einfluss auf den Bildschirm während der Sanierung. Mit dem Einsatz von Luftdruck Ihres LCD-Glas zu säubern, macht dies die neue Maschine schneller und effektiver durchführen. Die Gesamt der Maschine gemacht ist für die Verwendung von Aluminium, die es viel leichter und somit überall verfügbar macht und Ihnen zur Verfügung stehen können.

Die neue Sanierung Maschine dauert einige wenige Minuten, um Ihren LCD-Glas wieder zurück

Nur 20 Minuten und LCD-Glas sind renoviert. Die Verwendung der neuesten Technologie macht die Maschine durchführen schnell und effektiv. Die Maschine ist so konfiguriert, sowohl die Klebstoff Laminieren Merkmale und die Blase zu verwenden. Im Hinblick auf die traditionelle Methode der Sanierung im Gegensatz wird die Maschine automatisiert es einfach und schneller zu machen, Ihr Problem zu erneuern.

Erschwinglich und verfügbar

Der neueste LCD-Sanierung Gerät verfügt über Qualität und Preis. Die Preise sind gut aufgestellt unter Berücksichtigung aller wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen und die Preise der Wettbewerber. Die Maschine ist mit allen neuen technologischen Plattformen spitzte die es schneller durchführen und die Qualität aufrecht zu erhalten. Das Gewicht der Maschine ist beschrieben worden als Licht macht es leicht zu transportieren, damit verfügbar und zu Ihrer Verfügung.

Die neue Maschine kommt mit seiner Ausschließlichkeit

Als die neue Maschine auf dem Markt, haben die Designer neue Anwendungsfunktionen installiert, die die Maschine einzigartig und neu zu machen. Mit seinem geringen Gewicht, bewundernswerte Größe und der Dual-Core-Fähigkeit. Die MCU Dual-Core macht die Maschine anders als es die Maschine die Möglichkeit gibt, die thermische Wärme in der Maschine zu steuern.


Wenn Sie für eine Maschine suchen Telefon LCD-Glas zu säubern zurück, dann machen sich weniger Sorgen als die neue LCD-Sanierung Maschine ist ideal für Sie.

Smartphone refurbishment is a booming industry. 75% of the World's population own mobile phones. - That's about 5 billion people! Even if we assume that just 1% requires repair or refurbishment, there would be 525,000,000 total industry customers.

De Vacuum OCA Laminering Machine is een zeldzaam product dat kan worden gebruikt voor een verscheidenheid aan toepassingen zoals reparatie op verschillende toestellen zoals de iPhone, de HTC telefoon, de Samsung telefoons, de Sony telefoons en meer. Een plek waar je kunt vinden van deze post is online op Amazon, de gemiddelde prijs voor dit product is een duizend en tweehonderd iets dollar. Er zijn verschillende aspecten en kenmerken van dit product, dat positieve en sommige die negatieve zijn zijn. Meer informatie over dit product wordt hieronder vermeld.

Dit product wordt gezegd dat het bijna geen luchtbellen te hebben en je hoeft niet een mal voor het ofwel nodig. Alle bij de productie van dit product apparatuur invoer SMC prieumatic componenten. Het beschikt over een sleutel start die het aantrekkelijk voor alle soorten van consumenten maakt omdat het zo eenvoudig te bedienen. Het lamineren manier is zeer vlak en de algehele kwaliteit van het lamineerproces is wel glad en gelijkmatig wanneer uitgevoerd onder druk. Dit proces betekent ook dat er geen stress gedaan aan het product of de machine zelf.

Het belangrijkste aspect van het OCA Vacuum Lamineermachine die zo aantrekkelijk is voor de consument is dat het compatibel is met de meerderheid van de slimme telefoons die op de markt op dit moment is. Het bedrijf dat vooral dit product verkoopt heet Lopurs en ze zijn ook bekend voor een grote verscheidenheid van andere producten. Wanneer u dit product online bestellen gewoonlijk verzonden binnen de komende drie tot vier dagen na de bestelling is verwerkt en bevestigd.

De machine zelf heeft de neiging om net zo uitzien als oude school technologie, denk groot oude camera's en grote oude mobiele telefoons en grote oude computers allemaal samen; zwart en wit met knoppen en aansluitingen. Er zijn honderden en honderden klanten die er zijn die dit product hebben gekocht en alles over hebben gehouden. Allemaal hebben ze alleen maar goede en positieve dingen te zeggen over het product, het bedrijf en nog veel meer. Ga met ze mee in het verkrijgen van de beste van het beste als het gaat om het lamineren en reparatie van de telefoon. De OCA Vacuum Lamineermachine is een top van de lijn en de hoogwaardige kwaliteit van het product dat is gemaakt met het hoogste niveau van vakmanschap en materialen.

I was ordering a few phone parts from another vendor but the frames just wouldn’t stick and didn’t look genuine. I started ordering from OCAmaster and found that my customers couldn’t believe that the iPhone screens we produced weren’t from apple! I’m very happy with the new quality of my screen and will continue to order from OCAmaster.

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After 5 years of business, OCAmaster helped us step away from LOCA. It’s been a fantastic experience using the OM-K5, OM-518 and OM-F3; it has truly transformed our business.

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