Latest air bag OCA lamination machine

Latest air bag OCA lamination machine

Specialized for OLED edges screen refurbishing

Min Order: 1


Specialized for OLED edges screen refurbishing



Why develop OM-K6EDGE?

The history of developing this new and improved 3rd generation Air-bag vacuum OCA lamination machine.

1st generation use mold to laminate LCD in a vacuum condition were highly cost, it only apply to the bigger factories whom refurbish large quantity of cracked screens.

2nd generation use hard plate to compress lamination process, it does not require the special mold anymore. This prcoess had revolution the individual repairing center industry by cutting time and cost.

Our 3rd generation used 7 months in R&D and restless testing to perfection. It is one of the best machine in the current market. This have newer kind of process which are soft to hard with build-in Air Bag for high performance and security reasons. Safety and protection is one of the mind set in developing this machine, 2nd is efficiency and effectiveness and 3rd is afforability. We have achieve all 3 and ready to launch in September 2016 CTIA in Las Vegas, USA. (In the pass with older gen machines, if you are careless or new to refur industry, the LCD, IC, flex cable can easier get damage). We have eliminate those headaches and give your lamination a peace of mind to continuously focus on making good screens and making higher profit margins.

OM-K6Edge special deveoped for the samsung s6edge/s7edge and other bend LED screens, we also know the iPhone 8 will equiped the AMOLED screens from samsung, and the AMOLED screen is the trend for smartphone. Since the AMOLED screen is not easily be copied, our future of refurbishing industry is in the horizon.



Model: OM-K6edge for 10 inches screens

Lamination: Soft to hard (warm) lamination

Capacity: 24seconds/cycle

Power input: AC110V/220V Optional

Currents: 6amps for 220V, 12amps for 110V

Vacuum: ≤-0.985 Bar

Air compressor: 0.45Mpa ≤Pressure≤0.65Mpa

Size: 52*35*37 cm

Warranty: 12 months

Net weight: 35kg

Packing: Strong wood box 

Color: White



We have store in USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, Romania.

Looking for professional company from Europe united to be our reseller.


How to use?

This machine will comes with a flash disk which contains all iphone LCD refurbishing videos and Samsung edges screen videos.

I recently opened a business and realized that none of my competitors were repairing the most recent iPad at a reasonable price. I realized shortly after that no one had a hotplate big enough to split the LCD from the glass. After looking around a little I found that OCAmaster had it, the OM-IP1. Now I can be the first in my area to offer a better price to my customers.

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