Latest air bag OCA lamination machine

A LCD laminator for both iphone & samsung S6/7edge OLED screen

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Vacuum OCA lamination machine

5 in 1 OCA laminator machine

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2 in 1 glass & polarizer removal machine

High security & powerful vacuum suction for LCD repairing

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Latest Automatic 5 in 1 LCD repair machine

OM-518Plus automatic 5 in 1 LCD repair machine iphone frame lamination machine

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3 in 1 OCA Film Laminator

For both OCA Film & polarized film laminating

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Air bag OCA vacuum laminator OM-K4

Vacuum OCA laminating machine LCD laminator for AMOLED digitizer screen

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Automatic iphone frame laminator

Special for laminate the iphone bezel frame on the glass

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Automatic Air bag soft OCA lamination machine

Full automatic phone LCD repair machine

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AMOLED screen vs LCD screen: differences explained

How to repair a cracked Samsung S6 Edge OLED touch screen?

OCAmaster is a professional LCD repair machine manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. We’ve designed products that are one of a kind to aid you in LCD refurbishing from start to finish. These products have been tested and adjusted to assure the products that reach our customers are at its maximum potential. Our products are robust, high quality as well as affordable; coming with outstanding customer service.

After 5 years of business, OCAmaster helped us step away from LOCA. It’s been a fantastic experience using the OM-K5, OM-518 and OM-F3; it has truly transformed our business.

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